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DSC: Drawsheet Standard Format

DLG: Drawing List

DSM: Drawing Standard Module

LX: Label/Extensions

PDF: Portable Document Format

TEF: Technical Electronic Format

DDS: Data Dictionary Language

DXF: Data Exchange Format

DLT: Data List Table

IMF: International Maintenance Facility

TXT: Text Files

RPT: Report Files

MPR: Mixed-mode Report

MPL: Multi-Page Layout

MRF: Multi-Report Format

SRF: Single Report Format

MSC: Mixed-mode Report

MPL: Multi-Page Layout

MPR: Mixed-mode Report

SRF: Single Report Format

I-e(s): I-level Entries

I-p(s): I-level Properties

D/A: Data

D/P: Data

D/N: Data

J/A: Job

J/P: Job

J/N: Job

T/A: Tool

T/P: Tool

T/N: Tool

C/A: Call

C/P: Call

C/N: Call

L/A: Load

L/P: Load

L/N: Load

R/A: Reload

R/P: Reload

R/N: Reload

A/N: Attribute

P/N: Property

S/A: Shared

S/P: Shared

S/N: Shared

X/A: Export

X/P: Export

X/N: Export

B/A: Block

B/P: Block

B/N: Block

G/A: Group

G/P: Group

G/N: Group

H/A: Header

H/P: Header

H/N: Header

I/A: Image

I/P: Image

I/N: Image

R/A: Represantation

R/P: Represantation

R/N: Represantation

K/A: Key


AutoCAD Crack +

Functional upgrade
In January 2013, Autodesk announced an upcoming upgrade to AutoCAD Full Crack from version 2013 Release 13 to 2013 Release 15. This version will include several features such as path-based threading, ribbon-based navigation and full screen object orientation. The improved connectivity to external applications such as Cloud App will be improved as well. The new version will include new enhancements in such areas as the ability to create form-based drawings and the option to input a drawing directly into the graphic user interface.

An online upgrade for AutoCAD Full Crack users is available at the Autodesk Connect website.

Technical overview
AutoCAD is a complete 2D/3D design package. Its features include the ability to import and export DWG, DXF, and PLT formats as well as interactive database files. It also supports various AutoCAD-specific DYNAMIC LINK libraries for improved application performance. In addition, the application provides a complete set of technical features to support 2D and 3D design:
Numeric, text, and line formatting, including graphics, typography, drawing font settings, linetypes, legends, and text boxes.
Precision editing capabilities: geometric dimensions and distances, clipping path, visual aids (subroutines), working drafts, and object snap.
Mapping and placement of 3D components on a 2D surface
AutoLISP programming capabilities

A similar toolset is available for Inventor V10 and V11, and it is usually referred to as the ArchiCAD suite. Unlike AutoCAD, Inventor includes a layer editing feature, which allows creating a drawing with a 2D and a 3D view of the same model.

In order to facilitate data exchange, all AutoCAD files support both text and binary formats. The text format is the familiar.dwg file, the most commonly used CAD format. The binary format is file structure independent. The only requirement for using the binary format is that a file must be created with DWGcreate. A program called TAB can automatically convert DWG and DXF files to the binary format. The binary file is not compatible with most CAD programs. In the binary format, objects are stored in the file using the BIN record type. The BIN record contains information about the object’s format, including the number of points, number of polygons, etc. For example, the polyline record is used to define an irregular polyline.


AutoCAD [April-2022]

Enter the serial of your vehicle. It will give a license for using Autodesk products.
Go to the root directory of Autodesk Autocad and run the install.exe file.
Start Autodesk Autocad.
Click on New project (or new sub-project, like Profile Design) in the main menu.
Enter the name, and press Enter.
Open the files which you would like to use and start working on it.

Autodesk Autocad

Category:CAD software
Category:Technical communication tools
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What’s New In AutoCAD?

Drawing Layouts:

With the New CAD toolbox, you can do something that has never been possible before: instantly switch among multiple layouts of a design that you’ve created from scratch. The CAD toolbox now has all the tools you need to help you create powerful 2D, 3D, and 4D drawings. With Layout import you can easily create multiple layouts of your design from a single file.

Advanced 3D modeling:

Create 3D models with greater realism and efficiency than ever before with new advanced tools.


Give your designs a higher-quality appearance by rendering them using a single click, and see them on a wide variety of devices.

And more:

See a video demonstration of AutoCAD 2023 for more information.

An update to AutoCAD 2023 will be released in late 2020. More information on new features and timing will be available when the product is available.

Download Autodesk 2020 Product Update:

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System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Graphic/Performance Requirements:
– DirectX11
– DX11 compatible video card
Note: A DirectX 11 video card is NOT required for running the game in both XBox One and PS4 versions
For 720p and 1080p with performance tweaks and better graphics:
– High Graphics settings with DX11 graphics card
For 4K:
Software Requirements:
– Windows 7 or higher

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