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AutoCAD is the most popular CAD package among engineers and architects. Most of the engineers and architects around the world use AutoCAD at the workplace and in the design of the homes and workplaces. You may also use AutoCAD in your personal projects for educational purpose, home remodeling, business, and for trade and design firms.

Here is a list of features of AutoCAD for designing projects, houses and offices for home remodeling. This list is categorized based on their applications. We have also included features on the functionalities in AutoCAD for drawing, editing, and rendering, among others.

Without further ado, lets see what AutoCAD has to offer.

Table of features

Feature Listing

Drawing Features

The AutoCAD features for drawing includes the ability to draw lines, shapes, arcs, splines, and text objects. Line and polyline drawing can be grouped into layers.

Shape features

AutoCAD supports various drawing features for drawing shapes such as circles, rectangles, and polygons. These can be created in 3D or 2D spaces.

The drawing features can also be changed into 2D and 3D.

The shape drawing features of AutoCAD can be categorized into basic and advanced.

Basic Features:





Line and polyline drawing

Arc and Bezier



Linear and polyline features

Linear features include the ability to place, move, and delete points and straight lines. Polyline features include the ability to create arcs, Bezier curves, and spline curves.

The colored line and polyline drawing features include the ability to change color and transparency of lines and polylines.

The text features include the ability to change the text face, text size, and text style.

Advanced Features:

Open and close group commands

Grid and polar drawing

Grid features

Polyline and spline editing

AutoCAD is integrated with external libraries. The libraries can be added to the drawing in order to access external drawing files for rendering, managing, and editing of shapes and lines.

AutoCAD supports the following libraries:


Classifying features


Document and references management




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AutoCAD also supports XML, using the AutoCAD XML API.

Modular Windows and Mac version

AutoCAD 2009 includes a new software product, AutoCAD Architecture. Released in 2009, AutoCAD Architecture is designed to integrate 2D and 3D architectural design, landscaping, civil engineering and construction documents, construction, energy conservation, and storm water management into a single integrated design environment.

AutoCAD Architecture includes many features to encourage the sustainable design of any project. It allows users to integrate the latest technology to design for life, the environment, and future generations. AutoCAD Architecture is a single platform application; the product features and capabilities can be enhanced through AutoCAD Add-Ons. The same platform that is used to design, view, and edit a project is used to manage the project by generating reports, charts, and cost/schedule data.

AutoCAD Architecture is available for Windows and Mac OS, as well as Android and iOS devices, and is distributed through the Autodesk Application store.

AutoCAD Architecture is intended to improve the workflow for 2D and 3D design across the project life cycle, from concept to construction. The features of AutoCAD Architecture include:

Applying best design practices to every project – The AutoCAD Architecture platform takes its design principles and applies them directly to the project lifecycle, regardless of the type of project.
Integrated Team Collaboration – With a single platform, the team that delivers a project can communicate in a centralized location with a central leader.
Graphical User Interface – The look and feel of the project is integrated with the user interface. Every project, regardless of type, is brought to life on screen.
Environmental Design – When a project is in its planning stages, it can begin with a complete understanding of the site. From there, AutoCAD Architecture can fully embrace the Environmental Design tools.
Interoperability – No matter the type of project, AutoCAD Architecture creates a single platform that can communicate across disciplines, as well as integrate with other systems.
Automatic Reports – Every project can be monitored and managed throughout the project life cycle with automatic project reports generated through AutoCAD Architecture.
Document Sharing – Documents can be published and distributed to other users, including 3D.
Project Information – Coordinates, dimensions, and other project details are all presented as individual tabs.

AutoCAD Architecture makes building information models and schedules quick and easy to create

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The first time you use the tool, it will give you two options for operating system.

Selecting the correct operating system based on your installed OS.

Step 3 – Importing the downloaded and installed version of the tool
– Select the menu “Importing” from the application Autodesk.
– Select the option “Import BIM Files”
– Drag and drop the.3dm file into the application window
– Click the orange button “Import”
– Select the profile that you have downloaded and installed.
– The file will be imported into the application.
– Depending on the import option, the file may or may not be imported.
– Now, the selected profile will be saved into your system automatically.

Step 4 – Using the keygen for the first time
– Select the menu “View” from the application Autodesk.
– Select the option “Layers”
– Select the profile that you have downloaded and installed.
– From the list of layers, drag and drop it into the application window
– The layers will be imported into the application automatically.
– In this application, there will be a button “Advanced”
– Click the button
– Now you have opened the application “Advanced”
– You can see the BIM file with the components in it.
– You can do the modifications to the file with the BIM components by selecting the components on the list and dragging them to the place where you want.
– Modifications will be saved as you work.
– The modifiable components will be highlighted.
– If you want to hide the components, you can select them, and from the list, select the “Hide” option.
– If you

What’s New In AutoCAD?

Create and use a template with your personal color preferences to easily apply styling changes to multiple drawings.

Drawings can now be created from a browser on any device, with simple navigation.

AutoCAD Exchange:

Get connected to AutoCAD, whether you’re at home or at the office. Work with AutoCAD on a mobile phone, tablet or PC. Get updates, and stay in sync.

Retain design and drawing history. Easily make minor revisions to a drawing or keep track of your work.

Try a free trial of AutoCAD to see what it can do for you.

Learn more about AutoCAD at

Microsoft Office 2019:

New features for PowerPoint, Word, and Excel.

Updates to Outlook, the Mail app and OneDrive.

New features and performance improvements for Maps.

Office 365 Personal users can use OneDrive for Work for free. You can check out Office 365 Personal features and prices at

Autodesk Subscription Services:

Users can keep up to date with an Autodesk Subscription at Choose from Autodesk Total Design, Autodesk Product Design, Autodesk Architecture & Engineering, Autodesk PLM, or Autodesk Media & Entertainment.

When you choose a subscription, you can also sign up for other Autodesk services such as AutoCAD Cloud, MyPlan, and AutoCAD 360.

Take your first steps with our new product, AutoCAD 360. Get your hands on it now by starting your Autodesk Subscription.

Getting started with AutoCAD 360.

Autodesk reseller partners:

Find Autodesk reseller partners who can help with your AutoCAD subscription needs.

See which Autodesk services are best suited for your business. Check out the Autodesk Enterprise Edge program to see how you can be eligible for exceptional discounts and attractive financing rates.

Updates to the Autodesk Customer Experience:

If you’re an Autodesk customer, we want to help you get the most out of your design, engineering and construction workflows.

You’ll find support articles and suggestions based on your current workflows and the features you use the most.

You can also use our Help community to search for answers to

System Requirements:

Processor: 2.0 GHz
Additional Notes:
This patch is a minor upgrade to the Epoch (File:DLR-EnemyUpdate-Epoch.bsa) from the Origin to the 1.19 Patch. This is required for all users of the Epoch. It will also be required to install the Seasons Pass. Please make sure you save and load up before installing the patch. If you are having problems with the patch process, please uninstall the patch then reinstall

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