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The MDelayMB plugin was developed to be a powerful multiband automatical delay featuring 2 synchronizable taps per band.
Up to 6 bands along with 4 global modulators provide more than you could ever imagine with standard delays.
You can use MDelayMB to process different parts of the spectrum differently, thus resulting in rich results, and with some imagination, gain access to limitless possibilities.
In case the plugin seems too complicated, and you want to just gain access to a good quick result, you can just use some of the dozens of presets and added a dual user interface.
This acts as an easy mode with several predefined active presets featuring just a few knobs, and the edit mode giving you control over all the amazing features.
If you wish there was some way to quickly create motion in your sequences you can make use of Melda’s modulation heaven.
It allows you to modulate pretty much any parameter by using some unique sets of modulation sources. These include LFOs, audio level followers, envelope generators, randomizer, and pitch detectors.
The GUI is also GPU accelerated, so you benefit from fast response times while you work with the console. It also lets your CPU to focus on the actual sound processing part.

You can get MDelayMB directly from AudioFlinger. You can download the file directly from here:
You can use the plugin via AudioFlinger or the optional vst plugin (free of charge)
2 Taps per band (0-10% volume)
4 band modulation per tap
2 oscillators per band
4 position modulators
8 envelopes per band
5 filter bands
8 deactivations
80 presets
8 active presets
2 user interfaces
– 2 digit and bank switch
– Macro buttons
– Video tutorial

– Open Pandora Notebook (free of charge)
– Opened Pandora Notebook with MDelayMB (free of charge)

Plugin versions:

MDelayMB for AudioFlinger (also known as DelayeMB):

MDelayMB for the VST plugin (additional required files):

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MDelayMB has an interface inspired from the famous Sequencer heretic X2-Delay.
The user interfaces is built like a standard mixer where you can control the main parameters of each band (cross modulation, layer cross, transposition etc).

The MDelayMB project was started in a few weeks to test the technology used by Kontakt 5.
This was developed by Kontakt guru bccallum.
MDelayMB is a “proof of concept” plugin, meant to demonstrate new technology and the power of the new Kontakt 5.
If you don’t own a copy of Kontakt 5, you can use this demo to have a quick access to a lot of new technology.

MDelayMB Features:

MDelayMB is not just a bunch of tools to be used in any kind of project.
It is specially designed to fit into a specific scenario, and use it as a part of the workflow process.
MDelayMB offers a unique user interface with several knobs, and 8 available presets.
It has a dual user interface.
The first one will provide a quick way of editing a certain set of parameters that makes use of an easy to use user interface.
The other interface will allow you to create your own presets to be used in your sounds.

MDelayMB is different from other delays.
You don’t get the usual delay at the end of the track, but instead it provides two “coupled delays”.
The first one is fully configurable (layer cross, cross modulation, pre delay, panning etc)
and the second is an automatable synchronizable delay.
You can have as many of these delays as you want, each controlling a different part of the spectrum.

MDelayMB brings the amazing power of Kontakt 5 to the delay world, and at the same time, will play very well with any version of Kontakt 4.
You can process the delay as many times as you want with different parameters each time.

Unique Features:

MDelayMB gives you access to a unique set of features that are not available in other delays.

You can use it in your own workflow as a way of editing your delay parameters.

MDelayMB works in a unique way.
Instead of having a standard delay

MDelayMB Crack [Win/Mac] 2022

This plugin is powerful, multiband and great fun to use.
MDelayMB is a MDelay plugin with a unique 2 band independent delay feature.
This plugin will delay each band differently, and each band can be delayed independently from the other band. This allows you to create multiple delays with each band having a different delay time, and the band with the longest delay time will determine the overall delay amount.
Bands can also be modulated using LFOs, audio level followers, envelope generators and randomizers. This means you can modulate the delay time of each band with unique sources, which adds a really cool dimension to the plugin.
An additional feature is that band can be muted while the other band plays, so that you can create the illusion of having up to 6 bands along with four global modulators.
This means you can create up to 6 band delays with a unique delay time for each band, which together form one unique delay.
Here is a feature list to better understand the plugin and to give you some more idea:
* 2 band independent delay
* 2 separate controls for each band to control the delay time
* Global modulators for each band to modulate band 1 and 2
* An audio level follower for each band to modulate band 1 and 2
* 6 filters to band 1 and band 2
* 3 envelope generators for band 1 and band 2
* A randomizer for band 1 and band 2
* Pitch detectors for band 1 and band 2
* LFOs for band 1 and band 2
* Mute the delay on the band that has the slowest delay time, and use one band as the sound source for another band.
* In each band, you have 2 effects:
* Adjustable delay time using audio level followers and audio level faders, and
* Modulators using LFOs, Envelope generators and Randomizers.
* Audio level faders are enabled by default for each band, and may be switched on/off using the audio level fader controls.
* The modulators can be switched on/off using the modulator faders, and the band with the slowest delay time is used as the modulator.
* Each band has their own buss and channel count, so if you need to connect more than 1 band to a bus, you will need to use more than one channel for each band.
* Notch filter and noise gate are not included in the plugin.

What’s New In?

MDelayMB is a plugin based on ptexd. It acts as a hybrid filter plug-in that features 2 dedicated bands and a graphical user interface. It has a buffer section that acts like a standard delay, thus providing a 0 to 50ms buffer delay for the plugin.

After that, it has a modulation section where 2 modulators can be synchronized and modulated independently. One is a basic amplitude modulator, and the other is an LFO.

MDelayMB has 2 direct control knobs: A global LFO modulator and a global amplitude modulator. There is also a second pair of 2 direct control knobs per band for the biquad filter section.

In the processing section, you can add 6 presets that are the result of hours of tweaking with different settings. You can also create your own settings that will be saved on the plugin and modified.

Each band has a unique set of filters with 2 biquads (aka bandpass).

The global LFO modulator features up to 12 LFOs that act independently. The modulation section has some added FX as well, giving you some options.

The main characteristic of the plugin is its great quality, giving you a transparent sound with no digital artifacts or noise.


To use MDelayMB, all you need to do is press “MDelayMB” in the VST chain, as shown in the screenshot below:

If you want to synchronize the 2 band modulators or use the filter section, you must first go to the MDelayMB menu and use the “Sync” option. The example in the image below shows a dual delay that has been synchronized. The first is a standard delay with a global AM modulation, and the second is a global FM modulator.

You can also choose the filter type you want to use. For example, you can choose “Super low pass filter, high pass filter, band pass filter, band pass filter + high pass filter, or band pass filter + band pass filter”.

You can choose from 2 different delay types (short and long) and from 2 different delay time settings (1ms, 4ms, or 8ms). If you want to use a different delay time, you must first press the “Options” button in the top right of the menu. The results are shown in the screenshot below.

Once the settings are chosen, you can press “OK” and you will be directed to the “Buffer Section”. In the image below, the first example shows the selection of the buffer section as a normal delay. The second example shows a simple biquad filter section with the 10ms buffer time selected.

In the processing section, you can choose from 2 different filter types (lowpass and bandpass). There is a unique feature that allows you to choose the

System Requirements:

Wii U
Windows 7 64-bit (Windows Vista 64-bit is also supported)
2GB or more RAM (the more the better)
For optimal experience, install Dolphin SmallHD.
DirectX Version:
Windows XP: DirectX 9.0c
Windows Vista: DirectX 9.0c
Windows 7: DirectX 10.0
Windows 8: DirectX 11
Nintendo 3DS
Windows 7 64-

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