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Short Name: ModAstroFame
Description: Find fame and fortune through the help of ModAstro. This astrological software for OpenOffice has a very handy menu with a multitude of options, so you can quickly and easily get a personalized view of each of the 16 zodiacal houses (aspects, rulers, stations, etc.). It calculates the position of the Sun and the Moon and interprets a person’s life through the help of more than 175 natal aspects. This complete and personalized astrological software has many options: you can select whether you want to see the basic or more in-depth information about each of the aspects, the charts are made with using the formulas suggested by North, which are the most popular or by whatever astrologer you wish. Version 1.4.4 is tested in versions of OpenOffice (3.3, 3.2, 3.1, 3.0). Version 1.4.4 adds some effects that make the charts look more natural and appropriate, such as coloring and drawing effects, and also allows you to set the size of the houses and the emphemeris according to your preferences. You can also view the aspects as either a logo or the natal chart, and you can change the colors of the charts to make them look better.
ModAstro Features:

Use ModAstro to easily search through all the natal charts in the world, regardless of the astrological tradition used.

Search through all the charts of the different zodiacal houses (ascendant, natal, midheaven, subheaven, descendant,

Read the different aspects and interpret them according to your life path.

Displays the Midheaven as a logo.

Find and fix your solar return and predict your future.

See how many aspects appear on your natal chart.

Find the natal aspect of your sun or moon.

See the natal aspect of any given date or the sign of the given day and the corresponding day.

See and calculate all the other natal aspects of the signs.

See and calculate all the other natal aspects of the houses.

Show the natal aspects according to many astrological traditions.

Apply the most popular interpretation for each natal aspect and change them according to your own meaning of them.

See the different ways to interpret the natal aspects in the menu.


• Built to be perfect for the use of the Vedic Astrology.
• Allows us to quickly access our natal charts.
• Will make us think about the patterns we are showing on our character.
• Easy to use intuitive interface.
• Editable texts easily.
• Build in emphemeris
• Integrated into the host application.
ModAstro Cracked 2022 Latest Version Benefits:
• Auto generates daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and accurate dates for historical positions of the planets.
• Standardize all dates and times.
• Interactive charts with detail information of each planet movement.
• Dynamic chart auto load and auto navigate,
• Load position of any planet or groups of planets and dynamic positions.
• Thousands of charts and will be added.
• Hundreds of pages with accurate pictures, colors, and effect.
• More than 40 predefined themes.
• Many options to set up and configure
• A simple way to import any charts of our choice.
• A comfortable user-friendly interface.
• Add customized pictures, colors, layout of your natal chart.
• Save any chart with its details; add its own formats and style.
• Add any color you want and transparency you want.
• Create your own new chart with the clicks of your mouse.
• Import any chart you want.
• Special formats for different natal charts.
• Export the charts as image files, email, and ASCII.
• Create your own new charts and design with the colors and layout you want.
• Many more features.
ModAstro Product Key Requirements:
• OpenOffice Writer.
• Note: ModAstro does not replace the existing Writer plugin. Instead, it is a new plugin to the existing plugin.
ModAstro Roadmap:
• Phase 1. Navigation.
• Phase 2. Import.
• Phase 3. Customization.
• Phase 4. Graphics.
• Phase 5. Export.
• Phase 6. Tips and Tricks.
ModAstro Development Team:
• Kevin Russell
• Daniel Viger
• Maria Sorda
ModAstro Legal Notices:
ModAstro is a copyrighted product owned and developed by Obiter Software Inc.
Any copying, reposting or distribution of this software is prohibited without prior written consent.
If you wish to download, modify, and distribute this product to your customers, you must sign a license agreement granting permission to your customers to do

ModAstro Free

Astro-Ratings is a rating algorithm dedicated to online vedic astrology portals. The ratings applied to its client’s birth charts is based on the response time, personal approach and technical support. It helps the native to quickly navigate between a multitude of astrologers
* Online Emphemeris
* Navigate Charts
* View Overview of All Charts
* Enter Birth Date, Birth Time and Birth Place
* All Charts Available to View Online
* No Registration or Login Required
* Web-based, Open Source, Free Software

Vedic Astrology is a powerful Online Vedic Astrology Portal for those who want to know about their horoscopes, relevant readings to plan activities, events, travel and many more.
It is also an online modeled vedic astrology site based on 360 degree charts
Vedic Astrology Description
Vedic Astrology is an Online Vedic Astrology Portal for those who want to know about their horoscopes, relevant readings to plan activities, events, travel and many more. It provides users with a modeled survey of 360 degrees which is based on actual chart reading provided by recognised vedic astrologers.
Online Vedic Astrology Portal:
Vedic Astrology is an online astrology portal based on 360 degree charts. This allows users to look at their birth chart and get a general idea of who they are, where their weaknesses and strengths lie, if they are the giving or the receiving type in their relationships and also recommend them if they want to take up certain activities, events and much more.
* Online Vedic Astrology Portal
* View 360 degree chart
* View birth chart
* Download
* Graphical Analyse of Ascendant Sign and Other Aries charting
* Allows Compounding of Rahu-Surya-Ketu
* Compound Charts – Kansai, Western and Rohini Navamsa
* Customised Moon Phase Chart – 30, 60, 90 days
* Intro Charting
* Manual Compounding
* Dasha Grids
* Hora Graphs
* Individualised Graphs
* Graphical Analysis of other 7 planets
* Generate Charts in.csv,.gpx
* Graphical Analysis of Raati,Sroti,Sruti,Vaani and Vedic maths
* Graphical Analysis of Pada, Paalo, Mangala and Pada

What’s New In?

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System Requirements For ModAstro:

OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (32-bit and 64-bit)
Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (32-bit and 64-bit) Processor: 2 GHz Processor (or equivalent)
2 GHz Processor (or equivalent) Memory: 3 GB RAM (4 GB RAM on a 64-bit OS)
3 GB RAM (4 GB RAM on a 64-bit OS) Graphics: DirectX 9 capable graphics card with at least 2 GB VRAM
DirectX 9 capable graphics card with at least 2

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