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A computer with an active connection to the Internet can do just about anything. This can come in handy not only to interact with different individuals or stay up to date with latest trends and news, but also to create a better schedule for work and home. As such, DocOne combines text editing with multimedia support into a powerful desktop assistant and organizer.
The preset database quickly gets you up and running
One of the first things you quickly notice is that it doesn’t take you through a setup process, so you’re even free to deploy it on a USB flash drive in case you want to work on your projects from other computers as well.
On the bright side of things, the application comes with an impressive database which quickly helps you understand how and what things can be done. The interface is clean and tidy, with a toggleable toolbar, great view and edit space, as well as a tabbed navigation section to quickly browse and look up items in the database.
Cleverly handles various types of documents and multimedia files
You’re free to create a new database and fill it as you see fit. New items can consist of bookmarks, documents, folders, notes, tracks, online radio stations, as well as packages. These options can easily be accessed through the navigation panel context menu.
When it comes to document editing, the application presents a decent variety of tools to make text look and feel custom. Rich content is supported, including customizable tables, URLs, and more. Files can be attached, and you can easily import existing contacts.
Apart from document editing, you also benefit from various other tools. On the one hand, there’s a built-in browser so you can look up items of interest over the web, or simply enjoy songs and clips. Multimedia items like pictures, clips, and songs can also be imported, with tag editing for multimedia files, and a cool viewer for each type of item.
A few last words
All in all, DocOne manages to bundle together a set of tools which come in handy for both home and work environments. It’s packed with a neat variety of file support, editors, and viewers to be able to explore, edit, and enjoy multimedia files and documents.









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This app is designed to provide you a set of practice questions that will prepare you for the psychometric test you are likely to face during the military recruitment process. The contents of this app are composed of eight different subject areas that include mathematics, general science, electronics information, word knowledge, arithmetic reasoning, general reading, general writing, and military science.
The app includes up to 100 questions per each of the areas presented.
Ping Study Review:
Ping is a company whose mission is to provide you the best practice tests. The website is the main portal for its users, however, the company also provides its users with different Android and iOS apps.

This is a mock test for the CAT, GATE, JEE. These tests are common exams for the academia and government recruitment.
You need to crack your exam as early as possible. so you can select which exact bundle you need.
What’s in this pack?
* Important Questions
* Difficulty Level
* Valid for 30 days
This is a mock test for the CAT, GATE, JEE. These tests are common exams for the academia and government recruitment.
You need to crack your exam as early as possible. so you can select which exact bundle you need.
What’s in this pack?
* Important Questions
* Difficulty Level
* Valid for 30 days

Aptitude Questions
Popular quiz questions for IBPS Clerk, SBI Clerk, RBI Grade B, LPO Clerk, Insurance, CDS, PO, RRB and other banking exams.
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Study with us and get a mobile app, pencil, note pad, binder and books to help you learn easy and in the comfort of your home.
It’s not just books. It’s Personalized Learning.
Download Student Planner, pencils,note books, binder and mobile app.

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Key Macro is a keyboard manager that lets you record and replay keyboard shortcuts. Keyboard shortcuts are a useful way to speed up your work. With Key Macro you can set a shortcut for each task.
Windows shortcut to create a shortcut
Key Macro is quite easy to use. At first, it installs as a keyboard manager, which means you can control it through its own interface. You can start recording keystrokes from anywhere on the keyboard, and you can also start and stop recording.
Also, when a shortcut is already active, you can replay it.
The Mac users can use an equivalent app that is called KeystrokeRecorder, but it doesn’t have the ability to record and replay individual tasks.
Keyboard manager interface
You can easily see the shortcuts you have. After you start recording, the last characters are shown.
You can also preview the shortcuts, but when you save them, you will get the macro file name and the path to the Mac’s Desktop.
Just create shortcuts
You may record shortcuts by pressing keys. Also, you can place the cursor in a specific area and add a shortcut to the selected text.
The shortcut can be a path to the Home folder, or to a website, a file, etc.
When recording, you can choose the repetition, which means if you double click a shortcut and press Play, you will be able to play it twice.
Mac users can easily add the shortcuts to the applications or to the browsers.
Another useful feature is the keyboard repetition, which means you can press a combination of keys a given number of times to repeat a command.
Also, when you stop the recording, the shortcut will be saved automatically and added to the list.
To end with
Key Macro is an easy-to-use keyboard manager that can be a good help when speed is needed. It doesn’t come with any specific feature, but it has plenty of useful options.
BB-Clip Description:
As it is the name implies, BB-Clip is a stand-alone tool that lets you capture the window’s content to a video.
It uses the DirectX video acceleration API, so your system must support it to work properly.
BB-Clip does support window thumbnails and comes with a window capture tool that can capture the video and images from a selected window.
The only issue is that it only captures the displayed content and you cannot specify a custom region.
Another problem that

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What’s New in the Ping Monitor?

Ping Monitor is a software application built specifically for helping users perform ping operations for testing the reachability of hosts.
It sports a clean and intuitive layout that gives you the possibility to set up the dedicated parameters with minimum effort.
The program allows you to ping multiple hosts and view data graphically represented for each of them.
A new host can be added to the list by providing details about the name or IP address, ping timeout, and packet size.
Additionally, you can delete the selected host, move it up or down, and pick the time interval when the ping operation is carried out (five, ten, or thirty minutes, or one hour).
Ping Monitor keeps a log with detailed information about the entire process, and lets you check the history for each host, which contains data about the ping timeout.
When it comes to configuration settings, you can make the program run at Windows startup, send email notifications if a host is up or down for a user-defined time, play sound alerts if a host is down for a certain time by uploading an audio file from the computer, as well as show tray notifications.
While testing Ping Monitor, we have noticed that it carries out a task quickly and without errors throughout the entire process. It doesn’t eat up a lot of CPU and memory, so the overall performance of the computer is not affected.
As a conclusion, Ping Monitor seems to be the right choice in case you are looking for a simple-to-use program that comprises a handy set of features for helping you check your network stability.
Ping Monitor Screenshots:
Ping Monitor Features:

FAST ping operations with short timeout and a large number of pings

Simple configuration dialog – define the hosts and ping settings

Display data in chart view or log view

Batch processing

Email notifications

Notifications on the system tray

Expert system tools

Fast and reliable ping operation
Ping Monitor has proven to be fast and reliable during the entire process of performing pings.
During our testing we have noticed that it carries out a task quickly and without errors.
The default option for setting the pings timeout is 10 seconds, which is reasonable as the ping operation is a simple test and doesn’t impact the system.
Additionally, the program includes the feature of setting up the default pings to be performed at startup.
In case your system doesn’t boot up immediately after the setup is completed, you can check the current status of the hosts by browsing the ping log.
Let’s not forget that this is an easy-to-use program that will help you make the decision of taking your system offline for a while to check whether it’s working fine or something else is the cause of the problem.
Simple and reliable configuration options
All the options are configured

System Requirements:

* PC System with 2GB or greater RAM.
* A GPU that can run DirectX 9.0c.
* An Internet connection and registration are required.
How to get started:
Lift up your fingers off the keyboard and unplug the keyboard from the PC.
This may be necessary, if the keyboard is connected to your computer via USB.
Remount your optical drive so that you can insert the installation CD for the ‘Intellectual Property Management Center’.
Install the software and enjoy your new keyboard!

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