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Time accuracy is essential in the business environment where deadlines have to be met so as to build a long-term, stable relationship with customers. Absolute Time Server is capable of synchronizing the desktop clocks of all the computers in a local network, even if the is no Internet connection available.
Silently executes time synchronization tasks
Absolute Time Server runs in the background as a Windows service, without interfering with your work. Configuring it is done by using a control panel with intuitive and accessible options, providing settings that can customize the behavior of both the server and the client workstations.
The time server is compatible with the RFC-868 (Time) and RFC-2030 (SNTP) protocols, which are specifically designed for time synchronization. It is in itself a SNTP server that provides support for both TCP and UDP protocols.
Any application that is also compatible with the RFC-868 or RFC-2030 protocols can be used as a client for Absolute Time Server.
Perform periodical time adjustments
Configuring the server shouldn't pose difficulties, especially to system administrators. The synchronization process relies on online SNTP time sources, which are more reliable and accurate. You can modify the default sources and their corresponding port numbers from the 'Client Settings' section and use the 'Base Date' property to set an initial date for the server.
Absolute Time Server can periodically perform clock adjustments, at a user-defined time interval. You can instruct it to sync the PC clocks once every a few seconds, minutes or hours, depending on your network's infrastructure and requirements.
Sync all clocks in your network to ensure time accuracy
With a low impact on system resources and a lightweight footprint, Absolute Time Server can handle all time synchronization operations in the background, syncing the clocks of all the workstations in a LAN.


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Absolute Time Server Crack + License Key Download [32|64bit] (April-2022)

Absolute Time Server synchronizes all the desktop clocks in a LAN. This is accomplished by running an SNTP server, which provides support for the TCP and UDP protocols. If Internet connectivity is available, the server synchronizes itself with the Internet via a reliable and well-established protocol such as SNTP or NTP.
If Internet connectivity is not available, Absolute Time Server works at the application level, running as a Windows service that interacts with the configuration panel to configure itself and the client workstations.
Absolute Time Server allows you to synchronize the clocks in your network for specific applications that rely on accurate time, without requiring any knowledge of SNTP or NTP. You can configure it to run periodically in order to provide periodic time corrections.
Absolute Time Server is FREE. There is NO hidden costs or fees.

absolute time synchronization server

Applied Technology Controlling the entire community in one location using ITIL V3.3 makes the community more efficient. The community is larger that a whole company, and yet it can be controlled in one location; providing a critical communication hub.

Absolute Time Server is designed to control all aspects of IT operations at a school or college. This includes: student information, student records, student grades, student scheduling, student email, and student resources. Each aspect can be accessed from a web interface and or a mobile application.

Absolute Time Server supports Microsoft SQL Server.

Absolute Time Server Description:
Absolute Time Server is a Windows service based time synchronization server that provides support for the Windows SNTP protocol. It synchronizes all the computers in a LAN with a time server providing accurate and reliable time updates.
The Absolute Time Server allows you to:
– manage many computers at once and centralize all the time settings,
– access a web interface to see and control all the computers,
– use a web interface to set access restrictions and monitoring policies,
– use a web interface to run reports on computers and user accounts,
– synchronize computers via the network, and
– receive automated reports on the health of the network.
The Absolute Time Server is FREE. There is NO hidden costs or fees.

Absolute Time Server is designed to control all aspects of IT operations at a school or college. This includes: student information, student records, student grades, student scheduling, student email, and student resources. Each aspect can be accessed from a web interface and or a mobile application.


Absolute Time Server Crack + Full Product Key

The primary use of Absolute Time Server Crack For Windows is to synchronize the workstation’s clock with online time sources such as ntp.org. When it starts, the clock will synchronize periodically with the nearest, online, time server. It may take many minutes, hours, days or weeks to sync the clocks on all the machines in a LAN, depending on how fast the Internet connection is and how many clients there are.
Configuration options
Absolute Time Server is intended to be used as a time server for a LAN. It can also be used as a Time client for a remote computer or the Internet.
Time server configuration
Absolute Time Server has a Configuration tab for management of each of the following settings:

The number of retries in the retry mechanism (default: three)
The time between retries, in seconds (default: five seconds)
The time for the initial server to synchronize, in seconds (default: five minutes)
The time limit for the time adjustment window (days, hours, minutes, seconds or milliseconds)
The time adjustment frequency, in seconds (default: five minutes)
The size of the adjustment interval buffer, in seconds (default: five minutes)
The source of the time, depending on the protocol selected (Default: NTP if NTP is available and the time server is not configured as a time client. If set to Peer, the time is obtained from a neighboring time server)
Possible protocols: RFC-868, RFC-2030 and SNTP
Setting PTP to null will turn off the time adjustment window.

Client configuration
Absolute Time Server also has a Client tab for configuration of the time client. The following options are available:

The relative time adjustment of the workstation (default: -3 minutes)
The availability of the time server (default: yes)
The availability of retries (default: three)
The time between retries (default: five seconds)
The time for the time server to synchronize (default: five minutes)
The time adjustment window (default: five minutes)
The size of the adjustment interval buffer, in seconds (default: five minutes)
The source of the time (default: Windows NTP client)
The time of the time server (default: UTC)
The time of the user’s computer system (default: now)
The host name to use (default: the same as the computer’s name)

For example:

Absolute Time Server Crack+ Free 2022 [New]

1. The new Absolute Time Server is ready to use in your environment.
2. A lightweight implementation.
3. A perfect blend of easy management and secure configuration.
4. Supports Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and 7.
5. No other software is required.
6. Performs periodical time adjustments.
7. A natural way to keep your PC clocks in sync.
8. Not compatible with hardware clock adjustments.
9. Represents a big upgrade from FTPSS.
10. New Security Features like:
a. The Advanced Security Level of 4.
b. The changing of target IP address.
c. The password protected file is only available for that current machine.
d. The software runs as Local Service, avoid showing up on the Network Connections dialog.
e. Greatly improved user interface.
1. Used by online financial trading firms and banks to meet trading and accounting requirements.
2. Vast majority of the small and medium businesses in the USA are now using Absolute Time Server.
3. Also widely used by healthcare facilities, hospitals, education institutions, and government agencies.
4. Includes configuration files, WsPrt file and software check.
5. Automatically shuts down if it encounters errors.
6. Completely compatible with Windows 2000 and XP.
7. Advanced clock sync.
8. Updates implemented online.
9. Factory restored in case of any issues.
10. Includes instructional DVD with video, and manual.

1. Install the Absolute Time Server from the Software Sources.
2. It will show you this message.

Click the Settings button.

Go to ‘Network and Internet Connections’.

Go to ‘Other Locations’.

Click Add.

Now, you will see the following window:

Type the IP address of your computer (This window will reflect the IP address).

Now, you will see the following window:

Type the subnet mask of your computer (This window will reflect the subnet mask of your computer).

The IP addresses and subnet masks are different if you have a private subnet.

If you have a public subnet, the IP address will be something like (This is shown on the interface of the Windows)

Type the time zone.

Now, you will see the following window:

Click Add.


What’s New in the Absolute Time Server?

The RMS TS SERVER is a powerful and reliable time synchronization server for Microsoft Windows.
It can synchronize time from any accurate source in real-time. It is able to control the clock operation of all client computers so that they can all keep the same absolute time. It offers very high security and is designed to be virus-free. RMS TS SERVER is the preferred time synchronization software for all your time-sensitive applications.
What’s new?
– Added New Network Clients, No Need to Add IP Address to Client
– Fix Bug: The RMS TS SERVER never sent out an announcement message when it received an SIGHUP
– Fix Bug: The RMS TS SERVER will not restart automatically
– Fix Bug: The RMS TS SERVER will not restart if a wrong base date has been entered
– Fix Bug: The RMS TS SERVER will not restart if a wrong time zone was entered
– Fix Bug: The RMS TS SERVER will not restart if the client computers were missing
– Add LAN Client Settings, No Need to Add IP Addresses
– Added rms backup
– Added rms backup files
– Full list of features and other information
– Note: the professional version includes an additional features and the semi-professional version includes free network monitors
If you like what you see, you can recommend the software on our website:
We appreciate your feedback.
RMS TS SERVER PRO is the professional version, which includes the following features:
1. LAN Sends Complete Registration Message
2. Network Clients Can Be Setup by IP Address
3. Network Clients Can Be Setup by Network Name
4. Network Clients Can Be Setup by URL
5. Broadcast Clock Update Over TCP
6. Broadcast Clock Update Over UDP
7. User Managed Clocks, User Managed Time Zone, and User Managed Option to Configure Date/Time Format
8. Network Clients can be grouped
9. All Clocks are SMI Enabled
10. Backup Client Alarm(s)
11. Single Minute Alarm
12. Multiple Minute Alarms
13. Multiple Minute Alarm Clients
14. Multiple Minute Clients Log
15. Variable Client Minimal Refresh Period(s)
16. Variable Client Maximal Refresh Period(s)
17. Variable Client Maximal Alarm Period(s)

System Requirements For Absolute Time Server:

1.4GHz Dual Core CPU with 2GB RAM or better
WiFi Internet connection
SD card with 2GB+ space
1.2 megapixel camera and sound
Approx. 5.5″ H x 5.5″ W x 2.2″ D
Game Center/iTunes
App Store
1) Game Center is required for game score/history stats
2) iPhone5 with iOS7 is not supported
3) Mac version is


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