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Decompile.NET source code
ILSpy simplifies the task of decompiling a.NET Framework assembly for the purpose of reverse engineering, as well as viewing the source code of DLL, EXE, and other types of assemblies. The built-in code viewer allows for reverse engineering, and the decompiler converts C#, VB, and IL codes to C#, VB, and IL. This implementation is helpful when you want to understand how an assembly is structured and how certain files are built. You can also use it to examine a collection of source files or extract metadata from a collection of EXEs or DLLs. You can also view source code in IL or IL with C#.
* When decompiling, it’s possible to change decompiler settings.
* Binaries can be decompiled directly from CD-ROM / flash / Windows Runtime.
* Dozens of assemblies are supported for decompilation.
* Multiple views are supported for the code view. For instance, you can open DLLs individually, create visual projects, and configure other parameters.
* You can quickly open the project and use it in the build/run-time debugger without installing visual studio.
* To view assemblies, you can right-click, select Open/Open file.
* Code folding is supported.
* Disassembly and Source coexist in one view.
* In addition to metadata tokens, it’s possible to view type info, event handlers, and properties.
* Export several views of source files, binaries, and metadata tokens to PDF.
* There’s an option to generate a listing of functions which is useful for code reviews.
* The cache directory is cleared after a rebuild so that the program runs without memory issues.
* Among other features, it’s capable of detecting library dependencies.
* Several decompiler settings can be configured such as using variable names from debug symbols, removing dead and side effect free code, or expanding member definitions after decompilation.
* Decompiler icon can be customized.
* It’s built-in, it can use Visual studio 2015 / 2017, and it supports 64-bit apps.

 Introducing the complete library of tools to analyze, debug, and optimize your.NET applications.
 Developed on framework 4.5, for.NET 4 and.NET Core.
 Includes the following components: Debugger, Reference Source, StackTrace, Memory Usage, Profile,


Use ILSpy to browse, decompile, and analyze.NET assemblies in any application.

ILSpy is a free.NET decompiler, based on mono.


An advanced search bar and interface to find parts of assemblies.

How to get ILSpy:

Get it from the link below

Why We Love ILSpy:

We use ILSpy daily when browsing and analyzing the code behind.NET technologies from.NET 1.0 to.NET Core.

By using ILSpy, you will:

Have access to all.NET tooling and code.

Discover interesting and useful info.

Automatically convert comments and decompiled code back to source code.

Find members, resources, and more with the help of a powerful search bar.

Understand and review the design process behind the software.

Read about C# 7.2 features and benefits.

Find all.NET reference assemblies (DLLs) automatically.

Examine and download release build files directly from the version manager.

Many others…

AppMonetizer is a software analyzer for Windows mobile applications (WMAs) (based on the ILSpy technology). It’s the first tool for Windows mobile users that allows them to analyze WMAs without a C# source code, even for framework assemblies. You can use this tool to identify libraries of unmanaged applications and check for potential license violations, detect shady code, search for sensitive information such as personal data, and explore the source code of your target.
AppMonetizer is a lightweight tool (less than 2 Mb) that is free and opensource. Once you install the tool, you can browse your target application, search for classes, see what their static members are, and analyze their code with the search bar.
This is only a partial list of the AppMonetizer capabilities. For the full list, check the features and functions in the official AppMonetizer page.
Its primary purpose is to serve as a tool for mobile developers for checking potential license violations, but it can also be used to identify libraries of unmanaged applications and check for potential license violations, detect shady code, search for sensitive information such as personal data, and explore the source code of your target.
In addition, AppMonetizer provides the following:

Browsing and locating potential danger areas.

Analyze static members

ILSpy Crack+ With License Code

Take a closer look at.NET assemblies with this tool.
Main app window is split in two: one to display assembly trees, the other one to browse each file individually.
Another window (optional) may be opened to display data from referenced assemblies.
Navigate the.NET tree with the left-hand pane and select the assembly for analysis with the right-hand one.
Use the search function when looking for a type, member, attribute, property, event, field, method, literal, or metadata token.
Decompile code in C#, IL, and IL with C#.
The program can render code in C#, IL, and IL with C#.
Configure several settings for decompiling.
Get code rendering in C#, IL, and IL with C#.
Renders code in C#, IL, and IL with C#.
Use search to find a type, member, attribute, property, event, field, method, literal, or metadata token.
Unzip files contained within the assembly.
Select files contained within the assembly to be unzipped.
Selecting the file name in the ‘Unzip’ panel from the tree of files
An optional window may be opened that shows the type, member, or token at hand.

Additionally, ILSpy features

Extract method results to file
Every method call results are stored as a tab-delimited file for every program executed.

Reopen opened files

Configuration settings

Other features


Version history

See also


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What’s New In ILSpy?

Using IlSpy, you can browse.NET assemblies like file system: decompile class, and use the decompiled code as source code to build projects such as create.NET 4.0 or higher assembly from scratch, decompile stand-alone, re-compile with original ILSpy-style decompiler settings, restore all memory components, view public strings from assemblies, and see the changes to global variable names from transformed.NET 4.0 to 4.5 code.
The built-in project designer or source control integration makes it easier to work with multiple versions of ILSpy-style decompiled code: add/change class files, save project, choose the files to include, and preview/run/compile all changes.
Why use ILSpy instead of commercial decompilers?

It works on any platform;
IlSpy is 100% free;
It’s clean;
It offers more features;
It runs on your desktop;
ILSpy is really cool;
It’s really fast.

One of the most interesting features you may not have realized is the ability to load assembly data from any.NET framework version ranging from 1.0 to 4.7. If you use ILSpy to decompile any.NET 4.0 or higher assembly, you’ll see all the things that were available for this framework.
For instance, you’ll be able to decompile code from.NET 1.0 / C#, take advantage of Reflection and CodeDOM, see and modify all the metadata about.NET classes, edit class attributes, or populate GUIDs, and define custom attributes.
ILSpy can decompile IL and C# code to display variables, methods, and code generated by attributes and attributes of any kind. Although ILSpy features a search tool, it’s also possible to search and compare multiple assemblies at once. A search may include code from decompiled file, metadata tokens, strings from assemblies, and metadata tokens from assemblies.
Additionally, the program has the ability to detect and show dependencies between projects or source code files. It’s possible to export assemblies to the GAC as well as extract version and timestamp info.
Multiple versions can also be loaded simultaneously in assembly view, and compare classes by a unique tool. How is that possible?
IlSpy allows you to decompile.NET assemblies in more than one way. You can retrieve metadata tokens from GAC, Windows SDK, NuGet packages, the direct assemblies

System Requirements For ILSpy:

System Requirements:

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