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Irrlicht is a fast and powerful 3d engine. One of its many features is the GUI component, featuring several standard controls, such as buttons, text boxes, list boxes, and windows. Irrlicht’s GUI system is quite customizable: one of the things you can choose is the font to use on the controls. The font must be loaded from an image file, containing all the charachters in the alphabet. While it is theoretically possible to generate an image file containig all the charachters plus the control points defining the begin and the end of each glyph, it is a very time-consuming and error-prone operation.







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Irrlicht Font Maker is a graphical tool to easily generate a bitmap font file from a Windows control. It is based on user-definable control points defining each character and an external…


Sep 17, 2012

Irrlicht Font Maker is a graphical tool to easily generate a bitmap font file from a Windows control. It is based on user-definable control points defining each character and an external C++ library that will render the font at runtime. Once the font file is generated, its content can be used to create fonts that can be used with Irrlicht.

Key Features
– Everything you need to generate a bitmap font file from Windows controls.
– Automatically handles font size changes when drawing bitmaps.
– Easy to use with your own fonts.
– All source code is released under the GPL version 3.0.

What’s New
v1.5.0 – Initial Release

– Windows XP or higher.

System Demands
– Irrlicht Runtime – A runtime can be installed from the Irrlicht Extensions page.
– Visual Studio – Both 2005 and Visual Studio 2008 versions are supported.
– Irrlicht Font Maker 2.5.2 for VC++ (binaries can be downloaded)
– Software Cube 1.0 for VC++ (binaries can be downloaded)

– Download and install Irrlicht Font Maker.
– Open Irrlicht Font Maker and select the New menu item to add a new font.
– Create a new font and select the color.
– Click the text box control to write something, select it and use the font editor to adjust the control’s font settings.
– Click the tick icon to save the font settings.
– Finally, click the Close button to close the font editor and exit Irrlicht Font Maker.

Once the engine is installed, open the C:\Irrlicht Font Maker\v3.7 directory and click the generated fonts.vcproj file to compile the engine.


The source code is released under the GPL version 3.0. Its visual tools are released under the following licence terms:

Since Irrlicht Font Maker is not a single executable, but two separately compiled projects, the user can install Irrlicht Font Maker completely independently from Irrlicht Engine.


Irrlicht Font Maker

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This is a tool to produce character image files for use with Irrlicht.
All characters in the font image file must use the full range of your
font (in this case, 256 different glyphs, including accents).
Also, for each font, the glyphs are placed in the order specified
in the image file.
The input image file contains a text describing the order of glyphs,
and the number of columns and rows each glyph occupies in the output
image file. Each character takes up a fixed number of column and
row bytes, regardless of how wide the character is in your font
(the width is automatically adjusted for you).
The output font is written in binary format, which means that it is
perfectly usable in Irrlicht.
Some examples of uses:
Generate 1024×256 font with the ‘

What’s New In?

Installing Font Maker will create a font file containing all the glyphs defined in the current default font. It is possible to make or change this file at any time.
License: Shareware
Platform: Windows

Irrlicht Font Maker Lite Edition is the solution for you if you just need to create a few fonts or don’t want to keep the entire resource file inside the program. It contains all the same tools as the pro edition, but with a much more friendly user interface.

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