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– free cross-platform PIM software with intuitive interface
– import and export data in a friendly way
– powerful search functionality
– integration of external synchronization services
– no virus / spyware / trojan / adware

A-1000 is a professional cross-platform PIM software. It is suitable for personal users and small teams. It is fully customizable, user friendly and open source.
A-1000 Description:
– Outlook replacement with the same look and feel
– PIM and e-mail in one application
– custom data events in a calendar window
– free integration
– customizable buttons
– synchronize data using several methods
– drag and drop function
– Notes in a tree view

EaseOff is an easy to use PIM software. It’s stable, fast and easy to use. It is fully customizable, user friendly and open source.
EaseOff Description:
– Outlook replacement with the same look and feel
– PIM and e-mail in one application
– customizable buttons
– synchronize data using several methods
– drag and drop function
– Notes in a tree view

The Personal Information Manager can be described as a cross-platform program where contacts, calendar, e-mail messages, notes and other personal data can be managed. PIM data can be kept in an HTML format.1996 US Indoor Tennis Championships – Doubles

Grant Connell and Patrick Galbraith were the defending champions, but did not participate that year.

Stephen Huss and Kenneth Carlsen won the title, defeating Jonathan Canter and David Macpherson 6–3, 6–4 in the final.

Champion seeds are indicated in bold text while text in italics indicates the round in which those seeds were eliminated.

Rick Leach / Jonathan Stark (Quarterfinals)
Jan Apell / Jonas Svensson (Second Round)
Andrew Kratzmann / Greg Van Emburgh (Semifinals)
Todd Woodbridge / Mark Woodforde (Quarterfinals)


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1996 USA Indoor Doubles Draw

Category:US Indoor Tennis Championships
Category:1996 ATP Tour1. Field of the Invention
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OpenPim 4.002.4 Download

openPim is a simple and easy to use web-based personal information manager. All your important information can be stored online – which you can access from any Web-enabled computer, mobile phone or PDA with Internet access. You just need to enter a unique username and password. Your contacts, passwords, notes and web-links will be stored safely in your account. You can search your files and use the search feature to find any piece of information. You can use the preferences feature to customize openPim to your needs. You can also create new items, add, edit and delete items, or remove a file from your openPim account. To use openPim simply login to your account online at using your unique username and password. openPim Features:#include “includes.h”

#include “functions.h”
#include “externs.h”

#ifndef NO_IDENT

#ifndef _WIN32
char *inet_ntoa(struct in_addr i)
int i1=i.s_addr;
TCHAR szIP[128];

_sntprintf(szIP,sizeof(szIP),”%u.%u.%u.%u”,(unsigned char)i1>>24,(unsigned char)i1>>16&0xff,(unsigned char)i1>>8&0xff,(unsigned char)i1&0xff);
return mstrupr(szIP);
char *inet_ntoa(struct in_addr i)
return mstrupr((char *)&i);

char *GetIP(void)
TCHAR hostname[256], sendbuf[IRCLINE], szServer[128];
unsigned long i = GetTickCount();


if ((ftp_conn=ftp_connect_ts(szServer,21))) {
if (!silent_ts) irc_privmsg(sock

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What’s New In?

openPim is a program that supports a variety of PIM (Personal Information Management) products, such as MS Outlook.

How to use openPim software:

* On your computer, double-click the installer file
* From the blank or default menu, select the PIM (Personal Information Management) application you want to use

* Select to use openPim with your MS Outlook

* Click OK to complete installation

* On your computer, open the openPim folder

* You must be connected to the Internet to use openPim

* Double-click the openPim.exe file to launch openPim

* Click the Start button to open the OpenPim start screen

* Click the next arrow to select the PIM (Personal Information Management) application you want to use

* Click the next arrow to continue to add contacts, calendars, tasks, notes or any other type of objects

* Click the next arrow to select the type of import you want to use for your PIM file

* Click the next arrow to complete the import process

* Click the next arrow to continue to review your data

* Click the next arrow to close all open windows

System Requirements:

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo CPU, 2.33GHz/2.66GHz
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: Geforce GTX 250 or ATI X1600 or higher
Hard Disk: 15 GB Free Space
Keyboard and Mouse:
Audio: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
How to install?
Just unzip and run.
That’s all, Enjoy.
Replay :
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