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Start-Button-Resetter is a small script designed to help users with a relatively common problem, namely that the Start button stops working on Windows 10 and, based on some users' reports, Windows 11. According to the developer, the script provides a more convenient fix compared to typing various commands to reset the Start button.
There are numerous other ways to deal with the frozen Start menu issue, one of simplest being to just restart the Windows Explorer process from Task Manager. Following a small desktop flash when the OS re-opens Windows Explorer along with the taskbar and Start button, it should be working properly.
Another workaround that is just as simple implies using the Media Creation tool. While the fix reportedly solved the problem in most cases, keep in mind that it needs a Windows 10 installation media kit on USB or DVD. Obviously, if anything goes terribly wrong, then users can just do a clean install of the OS.
Other solutions that worked to make the Start button functional again are addressing advanced users who know how to work with commands. For instance, users need to check for corrupt files in Windows Resource Protection and replace them. For this users need to be online so that Windows can download the clean versions of the corrupted files.   


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Start-Button-Resetter Crack + Full Product Key Download Latest


Start-Button-Resetter For Windows 10 Crack is a script that makes the Windows Start menu work again after freezing or going missing.

What it does:

The main goal of the script is to reset the Start button back to its default state when it’s missing or broken.

This can be done in 2 easy steps.

1. Delete the start menu registry key, and enter the start menu repair registry key.
2. De-install the start menu using device manager.

Currently the following 3 registry keys are being tested on, however, the file is made compatible to work with all Windows versions. The script might not work with all Windows versions.

· StartMenuFlag
· StartMenuImage
· StartMenuImageStream

The script also supports a new way of resetting the start menu for Windows 10, but first the registry key that needs to be edited is change.

The steps involved:

1. The main goal of the script is to reset the Start button back to its default state when it’s missing or broken.
2. It can be done in 2 easy steps.
3. There is a new feature for the Windows 10 edition.

Known Bugs:

The Start button can get stuck in a state. In such a case, check your user accounts, and go to the properties for the user account and see if you can change the logon screen to an image. A new startup option “Change from the image” will appear. Once you have checked the box “Always change to the image”, the Start button should work once again

No, but you can still try. The process is simple, just follow the steps below.
1. Go to C:\Users\USERNAME. On the explorer go to Desktop and then click on the.lnk file of the start menu, which should be located under Windows\System32. Double-click the start menu file to open the start menu.
2. While the start menu is running click in the top-left corner to open the start menu, then click on the top left corner of the start menu once again to close it.

If you’re looking for a shortcut to the Start menu that will work from the Desktop as well, then just create a shortcut to “%AppData%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup”. Of course, be sure to replace the “%AppData

Start-Button-Resetter Crack+ Free Download

1. Cleans and repairs the Start button on Windows 10 and Windows 11.
2. Restarts the Start button if it is frozen or doesn’t work.
3. Removes any additional explorer shortcuts.
4. Restores the fast boot options to default settings.
System Requirements:
This script can be used with the latest versions of Windows 10 and Windows 11. (build 17763 (10.0.17763.1) and 10.0.17134.1, respectively).
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Start-Button-Resetter Crack + (2022)

Start-Button-Resetter is a small script which will automatically reset your Start button to the factory settings. Follow the installation instructions inside the script and let this script do all the work.
A few weeks ago I found a problem with my Windows 10 in that when I moved the cursor to the Start button, it wouldn’t work. I was able to restart my PC and start normally. This was as long as I didn’t move the cursor to the Start button at any time. Of course, I did, a lot. So, instead of restarting my PC, I decided to search for a solution to this problem. While I didn’t find the problem, I did find out that there are a lot of people with the same problem. People have requested that a script be made to solve the problem. So, I made Start-Button-Resetter. It’s based on an explanation given to me by someone on Reddit about how to solve the problem.
I have found it to be very easy to use and for the most part it works in the same way he described. But, every so often, it doesn’t and the script asks if you want to continue. This is because someone else had the same problem and mentioned that the only way for the script to work was if Windows 10/11 was no longer active and the Windows Explorer process was still open. After they did this, it still didn’t work so the script had to be set to just skip past it and the next user would then be prompted if they wanted to continue. So, I set it up so that it wouldn’t ask if it went wrong.
How to use Start-Button-Resetter:
Download the script and place it in a folder on your computer. Open your Start menu and go to the folder where you downloaded the script. This folder should open up a folder with a bunch of different scripts. The Start-Button-Resetter is in the “filenames” folder.
Run the script, which has an executable and a setup.bat file. Follow the instructions in each and you should be done.
Download the Start-Button-Resetter:
If you want to, you can download the script and its setup.bat and executables (.exe) files from the download link below. This link has links to both.
You must also download the WinRAR decompression program, which you’ll need to decompress the script.
Help and Support:

What’s New In Start-Button-Resetter?

Designed to work with Windows 10 1607 and later.

This script unpacks any EXE file into a new folder.
This is a good tool to use if you don’t have a large enough folder to upload your EXE files to
This script will open the folder after the EXE files are successfully compressed.
This tool includes a feature that will keep the EXE files compressed after they are uploaded.
The tool will still compress these files if it is running over a shared network drive.

START-Button-Resetter Documentation:

How To Use The START-Button-Resetter:
Download the EXE file as shown:
1. Click on the link shown in the status bar.
2. Save the EXE file to your Desktop or any folder of your choice.
3. Open the EXE file. This will open the package configuration tool if it is not already opened.
4. Click on the button labeled “I accept the EULA”.
5. Click on the button labeled “Create”.
6. After a while the tool will save to your Desktop. The tool will save your files as labeled below:

i. “1”. An EXE file named “START-Button-Resetter.exe”.
ii. “2”. An EXE file with a UAC neutral name;
iii. “3”. A folder containing the compressed EXE files with the same names as the
original EXE files;
iv. “4”. A FileIndex.txt file with the original file names.
v. “5”. A Recycle Bin folder containing an icon.png, and a Startup-Button-Resetter.mws file.

EXE file extensions:

System Requirements:

Game version: 3.1.2
Operating system: Windows 7 64 bit / Windows XP SP3
CPU: Intel Core i5 2400S
VGA: 1024 x 768 resolution or greater
DirectX version: Version 9.0c
Controller: Keyboard and Mouse
View the compatibility list to see if your computer meets the minimum system requirements.
See the full list of requirements for the Windows Version.
Instructions for Lure:
Use the

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