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WifiChannelMonitor is a network traffic monitoring application that can help administrators obtain important information concerning the available access points and the connected Wi-Fi clients. Alternatively, it can also be used for reading CAP files generated by a third party packet capturing utility.
Retrieves data about access points and wireless clients
Making use of the Microsoft Network Monitor capture driver, WifiChannelMonitor can retrieve details about Wi-Fi clients that are not connected to an access point, alongside their MAC address, the amount of sent and received data, the device name and its model, the PHY traffic mode (802.11g, 802.11n etc.), as well as security-related information, such as the used key and ciphering algorithm.
For all the access points it detects, it displays the SSID and the MAC address, the channel, the PHY type, the number of beacons and received responses, the transferred data, used security algorithm for data encryption and so on. All this is displayed in an organized table, where you can sort all the records by simply clicking on the table headers.
Simple configuration and fast identification of active clients
WifiChannelMonitor is very easy to configure, thanks to its intuitive options and clear-cut interface. You start by choosing the wireless adapter from the 'Options' area, setting the desired channel and activating the monitor mode.
The GUI is split into two separate panes. The first lists the identified access points, whereas the second is dedicated to the Wi-Fi clients detected by the application. Clients that have performed transfers within the last 10 / 60 seconds are marked with green and orange, respectively, while the one that had no activity in the last minute are marked with a red icon.
A reliable Wi-Fi monitoring application
WifiChannelMonitor can prove useful to any network administrator who wants to keep a close eye on the access points in the network and monitor clients that are trying to initiate a connection. It enables them to view data in real time and generate complete HTML reports that can be quickly shared with other users.


Download ===> https://urlca.com/2mwltw

Download ===> https://urlca.com/2mwltw






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ScanMyWifi – Simple WiFi Network Analytics
ScanMyWifi is a powerful tool for generating reports based on Wi-Fi access points’ statistics. It lets you track all access points in your network, shows you where they are located and their characteristics. The application allows you to assess the network’s availability and manage the access point’s access to the internet in one convenient package. What’s more, ScanMyWifi allows you to download access point’s statistics and schedules the job of analyzing them for you.
Simple WiFi Network Analytics

A lot of applications display a list of recently discovered network connections and new access points. What is a problem is that they are not connected to the Internet at all time and the list becomes empty after some time.
WiFiDevice is a simple and yet useful program that can help you see the list of the detected networks and the active access points. At the beginning of your WiFi journey you can filter the list to display only access points using different security types or specific SSID.

The best WiFi Speed Test
The free WiFi speed test software, WiFiCheck, allows you to check your internet connection speed. The application shows the download and upload speed for the wireless network connected to your computer. It also verifies that you are actually connected to a WLAN that has internet access, and it displays the maximum download and upload speed for the Internet.

WiFiAntenna Scanner
WiFiAntenna Scanner is a free software designed to help you check if a selected WiFi network’s hardware antennas are functioning properly and to check if there are any objects blocking the antennas. The application monitors the RSSI (received signal strength indicator) and the received packets’ number.
Scan your WiFi Network

Wireless Network Radar
Wireless Network Radar displays a graphical graph containing information about all available access points and their signal strength and other performance data. The program has a built in scanning tool that enables you to find the access point closest to your computer.
The application displays the monitored data in a flowchart, where you can pan and zoom using the mouse to gain a better view of the overall network.
Wireless Network Radar screenshots

Known issues:

The application can crash and you may see some errors in the Task Manager windows.

Download the latest version of the application that doesn’t have any known bugs.

Major Changes in this Release:

Improved stability

Optimized Wi-Fi channel scanning

WifiChannelMonitor 3323

Scan the wireless channel for active access points, monitor and view Wi-Fi clients and traffic data
Ideal for deployment in a mixed environment
The application can be deployed in a mixed environment with a carrier-grade wireless adapter, enabling it to scan for wireless access points in the 5 GHz band.
Platform: Microsoft.Net Framework 4.5, Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/8.1
License: Free for the evaluation version, $1.1 for the licensed version.
WifiChannelMonitor Activation Code download

NaviRD – Network Traffic Monitoring and Analytics Tool
NaviRD is a simple network traffic monitoring and analytics tool that can help you monitor network traffic flows without any additional hardware installation.
The application can be installed on computers running Windows OS and monitors the network traffic that flows through it. During a full day of monitoring, you can easily follow traffic flows from one computer to the other one, perform various analysis and cut down on network bottlenecks.
The application detects and monitors traffic flows and generates various reports about them. It offers you the following analysis tools:
– different protocols (HTTP, FTP, DNS, HTTP, SMTP, SSH etc)
– traffic category (P2P, RDP, video, mail, download, upload)
– sent and received files
– application name
– application fingerprint
– web page, iframes and frames
As NaviRD is a free tool, it should be used with a certain degree of caution. For example, as the application does not detect and identify dropped packets, it can display wrongly generated traffic reports, such as downloads that are sent through a proxy, but are not actually sent through it.
Moreover, NaviRD is a tool for network monitoring and it does not scan and fingerprint the files, thus it should not be used to block unauthorized data access.
NaviRD Download

AeroSPY – Network Monitoring and Data Analysis Tool
AeroSPY is a free network monitoring tool that enables you to perform real-time and post-collection network traffic monitoring. The application monitors the Internet traffic that flows through one or more network interface cards connected to the computer that runs the application.
The application does not require any additional hardware installation and consists of a small.exe file that is run from the Start menu. It displays the captured traffic in a graphical interface, where all the Internet data that was captured and analyzed are stored for later viewing.
AeroSPY provides

WifiChannelMonitor 3323 Crack + [Latest-2022]

WifiChannelMonitor is a simple, versatile tool to retrieve a vast amount of information about Wi-Fi clients, access points and network status in real time.
Allows you to view access points, known as “hotspots” on your router in real time. The list of these points, saved in a.csv file, can be exported to Excel, Word, or an HTML table.
Allows you to view wireless clients and capture their data, such as MAC address, amount of sent and received data, device name, model, etc.
Allows you to setup or delete all the available wireless networks on the router. This way, you can restore your Wi-Fi settings back to the factory default settings.
Allows you to choose the channel you want the application to work on.
Simple and easy-to-use interface to help you quickly view the status of your Wi-Fi network.
Views the RFM92W, AR9280, AR9285, AR9330, AR9360, AR8240, RBR9350, RBR9500, RBR9550, RBR9560, RBR9570, RBR9580, RBR9650 and RTL8188EUS modules.
Scan in the WPA/WPA2 Personal/Enterprise/WPA2 mixed mode
Show hidden networks, Access points
Supports multiple languages and keyboards
Supports 802.11n and 802.11ac protocols
Supports simultaneous display of several radio cards
Supports automatic or manual channel settings
Does not require WPA/WPA2 security
Allows you to view channels, information about the wireless interfaces, the available wireless networks, and perform the following functions:
Turn on or turn off wireless networking on the router
Wired ports status
View wireless networks as an IP address range
Unlock the wireless interface
Create a new wireless network
Delete a wireless network
Disable or Enable a wireless network
Enable or disable an IP address range
Enable or disable a wired network
Restore wireless settings back to factory default settings
You can select the available wireless networks and specify specific network IP address, DNS servers, DNS search suffix.
Automatically scans for the available wireless networks on the router
Configures all the available wireless networks on the router
You can select the desired Wi-Fi channels on the router


I have downloaded the file, but my wireless card does not work. It says: Cannot enable wireless

What’s New in the WifiChannelMonitor?

* Provide real-time traffic information about active access points.
* Capture all available wireless clients (both connected and not connected to an access point)
* Detect the CIP in use by any client
* Choose the access point channel
* Monitor Windows Live Services, as well as any Winamp Media Player streaming
* Display MAC address of the connected clients
* Fine-grained reports that you can quickly configure and send to your friends, or export as HTML format for easy sharing
* All settings can be saved in XML files and backed up to the common text files
What’s New
– The application can be reset in case if you changed your password.
– The application can be updated without exiting the current monitor session.
– The Network Monitor driver is included in the application by default.
Current version of the software is 4.0.0Hey there, time traveller!

This article was published 26/10/2014 (2241 days ago), so information in it may no longer be current.

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System Requirements For WifiChannelMonitor:

Minimum System Requirements
2 GB Free Space
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 3.06 GHz or AMD Phenom X3 720 2.8 GHz
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics (Dual Display) or AMD ATI HD3200 or NVIDIA GeForce GTS250
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Network: Broadband internet connection
Sound: DirectX compatible sound card and drivers
3D Acceleration


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