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XUL Explorer is an app that provides all the features one would need to understand the XUL language, whether they be advanced features, snippets or bookmarks.
The user can preview and investigate XUL code on the go, and the newly-introduced, multi-tabbed editor allows the user to change between source code and preview, as well as creating new files for testing purposes.
One can even create templates and learn from them directly using the new XUL Builder, which offers the user the chance to create extensions and components directly.
Additionally, the application allows users to create their own snippets, as well as using the pre-defined XUL modules made available by Mozilla.

To get the app, the user only has to look for XUL Explorer in the Updater section of the add-ons manager (or in the installer section if the user has done manual installations in the past).
The app offers a nice array of features such as code preview, snippets, XUL Builder, XUL Validator and Error Console.
Therefore, if one is to get an idea of the intricacies of the language in a matter of minutes, then XUL Explorer will provide the user with all the tools that they might need.
XUL Explorer Features:

XUL Explorer is an app that offers preview capabilities, featuring a file selector (which includes importing and exporting snapshots) as well as a preview panel.
It is a simple yet powerful app that will certainly help improve the usage of XUL-written code, especially for those who are still working on their drafts.
XUL Explorer also includes a file selector, which can load and export previously saved snapshots of XUL code.
The main window gives users access to a preview panel that can be toggled through a button, allowing the user to see how a particular XUL file is structured.
Using this app, it will only take a few minutes to get a glimpse of all the features that this app has to offer.

Whether one is learning how to use XUL or has been developing for the language for quite some time, this app will certainly help in completing their XUL learning tasks.
XUL Explorer Description:

XUL Explorer is a tool that offers code previewing and a preview panel for XUL code.
Users can preview and inspect their XUL code, either through the multi-tabbed editor, or through the pop-up preview panel.
Furthermore, XUL Explorer has a pre

XUL Explorer For Windows

XUL Explorer is a Mozilla development tool which allows users to not only edit the markup of XUL user interface components, but also view the markup and formatting of the XUL document in real time. If a user wants to view the XUL definition, or view the markup with formatting applied to it, they can do so with the click of a button.
What’s new in this version:
Added 24 new configuration settings to settings.js
Adjusted the look and feel of XUL Explorer’s UI
Added a new popup menu entry to the editor toolbar
Added a new option to choose the resolution of XUL Explorer on Windows and Linux
Added new support for template and snippet extension wizards
Changed the look of the auto-complete panel (in the extension settings) to match the style of the options panel
Fixed a couple of bugs related to font-size
Fixed a bug that caused new temporary files to not be deleted in the background if the app was closed
Fixed a bug where the app wouldn’t launch in Windows if it was upgraded from a previously installed version
Fixed a bug that caused the error console to not start in the background
Fixed a bug that caused an exception when accessing features added in previous versions
Fixed a bug that made editing code in the code editor instantly fail if the user saved a file
Fixed a bug that caused the Error Console to get stuck
Added support for new Windows 7 Universal Apps
Fixed a bug that didn’t allow XUL Explorer to be installed on Windows 8
Fixed a bug that prevented XUL Explorer from running in Windows 7
Fixed a bug that prevented XUL Explorer from running on Windows 8
Fixed a bug that prevented access to the Error Console on Windows 8
Fixed a bug that prevented access to the Error Console on Windows 8
Fixed a bug that prevented xul-explorer.dll and xul-explorer.dll.old from being deleted
Fixed a bug that prevented the use of –skip-rooted-ness for option setting
Added –no-set-option to the Windows installer
Fixed a bug that caused exception in the background
Added a new configuration option to force the use of the 64-bit version of xul-explorer.dll

XUL Explorer is a fast app which is based on Mozilla’s new XUL developer interface. As such, it contains several improvements, most of which were considered after the release of Mozilla’s new interface.

XUL Explorer Torrent Free

XUL Explorer provides its users with a set of features that will allow them to interact with XUL in either of a number of ways.

The main functionality is deployed around an editor interface that offers code previewing capabilities, which can be performed either inline or separately, in a dedicated pop-up window. In order to help users even more, a predefined list of snippets is always accessible.

When the application is launched, the separate pop-up preview pane is shown. This is achieved in two ways. Either the XUL snippets are available and used to auto-generate new panels for easier editing, or from the File menu the user can choose to launch the code editing panel, which will automatically generate the panel.

When the user is done editing the snippet, the user can either reload the code into the panel or simply select the preview button, to preview the code before saving or previewing the panel.

Loading the application can also be performed using saved files and those who require validation and error checking features will be happy to know that the app possesses both, in the form of a XUL validator and a dedicated Error Console.

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What’s New in the XUL Explorer?

XUL Explorer is an XUL application with a previewing and handling similar to Firefox’s. This brings the full power of its interface to developers working with the XUL language. It manages the actual XUL code and compiles it as well, offering numerous tools and add-ons with which the user can manage and edit various properties of the document itself.
Built on a simple editor interface with the capability to be deployed in Firefox, the application is packed with various features that are useful for both casual users and those who are serious about taking advantage of the language.
Code Snippet
Snippets are a crucial feature offered by XUL Explorer, which can be dragged into the editor from the pop-up preview panel and the code will be compiled and immediately previewed within the editor interface.
For those who want more than just snippets, XUL Explorer offers an extension gallery as well, which will allow users to find and install the various add-ons they require.
XUL Explorer Beta Feedback
This program is a beta release and the app is currently undergoing an extensive testing process, which, according to its developers, should be complete by this time next week.
While the next release should contain a number of bug fixes and additional features, the current release is already proving to be very useful for developers who are working with the language.
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System Requirements For XUL Explorer:

PC: Minimum requirement is 1GB of RAM and DirectX 11 compatible video card
Minimum system requirements are as follows:
OS: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo, AMD Athlon 64 X2, or Intel Core i5
Memory: 2 GB
Graphics: DirectX 11 compatible video card
Hard Drive: 25 GB free disk space
Sound Card: DirectX 11 compatible sound card
Additional Notes:
Alcohol levels, keyboard controls and custom game configurations are not


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