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A bit of time management can make the whole difference between a regular day, and a successful one. Planning doesn’t take a lot of time, but helps you achieve more after setting up a few of your own rules. With applications like Yi Scheduler it’s as easy as pressing a few mouse buttons, being alerted when it’s time for a particular event.
Can be used on the go
One of the main advantage is that you don’t even have to go through a setup process to make it work, which means it can be carried around on a USB flash drive to keep track of your tasks on other computers as well. In addition, registries are not modified, so you don’t have to worry about the integrity of the target PC.
As far as visuals are concerned, the main window is wrapped around a classic window frame, making accommodation a walk in the park for individuals of all levels of experience. Most of the space is where all tasks are displayed, along with relevant info like description, frequency, time, and type.
Lightweight and easy to use
Adding new items is done in a dedicated panel. Tasks can be of three types, and you can choose whether to simply display a message, receive an audio alert, or run a specific program, but you can’t combine any of them in a single task. You can set repetition frequency, with time span fully customizable.
When done, the application can be minimized to the tray area, and you’re sure to know when time is due, unless you’re away from the computer. Unfortunately, there’s no option to make the application run with Windows, but this can be easily be bypassed by adding the shortcut to the startup folder yourself.
In conclusion
All things considered, we can state that Yi Scheduler is a practical way to set up reminders for almost any kind of activity you need to perform. Time frequency can be set to as low as a second, while default audio alerts make sure you don’t miss events. You can use it on the go to have tasks with you, silently counting down time from the tray area.







Yi Scheduler Crack + Serial Key

Plan your time efficiently with the Yi Scheduler Cracked Version Time and Task Reminder. The quick, easy-to-use and highly customizable reminder tool helps you balance the things that matter most in your life! Can’t…

YI Scheduler is powerful, yet easy to use system task and time manager. The Scheduler is a powerful, yet easy to use system task and time manager to help you balance the things that matter most in your life. You can start and stop tasks anywhere, even in Windows. Time spans can be configured according to your own needs. For example, a task can be repeated every day for 3 days, every week for 2 weeks, or every month for 3 months. Add multiple tasks with different schedules in the same time!
The Scheduler was designed to help you balance your time, schedule the things that really matter to you, and have more time for doing the things you love! It runs quietly in the background and can be activated by pressing a single shortcut key. You can wake your computer, update system, launch applications, access files and folders, and even start new tasks while not even be touching the mouse or keyboard! You can have your tasks repeat at intervals of seconds, minutes, hours, or days. But you can also schedule a task to run when you least expect it!
Best Features:
Time Frequency: configurable for seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, and months. Every time frequency you set, the scheduler will be activated at that time when you press the shortcut key.
Start up scheduling: start a task at the time that you want. The scheduler will be activated by pressing a single shortcut key!
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YI Scheduler is designed for all of you! It is a powerful, yet easy to use system task and time

Yi Scheduler For PC [April-2022]


Yi Scheduler Crack

Key Features of Yi Scheduler:
+Works across various programs including Google Chrome, Microsoft Office, and Firefox.
+Easy to use and customize.
+Customizable frequency, including each task can be set to repeat over certain intervals.
+Press and Hold to view reminders.
+Holds any number of tasks.
+Works on both desktop and mobile.

Initiate a task in a few simple steps. A task is set up with one of the following frequencies:
-Every day, week, or specific date and time.
-Every week, month, day, or specific date and time.
-Every other week, month, day, or specific date and time.
-Every month, or specific date and time.
-Once a month, or specific date and time.
-Once a week.
-Once a month.
-Every two weeks.
-Once a quarter.
-Every six months.
-Once a year.
-Once a decade.

-Once a day.
-Once every hour.
-Once every minute.
-Once every 2-5 minutes.
-Once every 10 minutes.
-Every 20 minutes.
-Once every half hour.
-Once every hour.
-Once every minute.
-Once every 2-5 minutes.
-Once every 10 minutes.
-Once every 20 minutes.
-Once every 30 minutes.
-Once every hour.
-Once every minute.
-Once every 2-5 minutes.
-Once every 10 minutes.
-Once every half hour.
-Once every hour.
-Once every minute.
-Once every 2-5 minutes.
-Once every 10 minutes.
-Once every 20 minutes.
-Once every 30 minutes.
-Once every hour.
-Once every minute.
-Once every 2-5 minutes.
-Once every 10 minutes.
-Once every 20 minutes.
-Once every 30 minutes.
-Once every hour.
-Once every minute.
-Once every 2-5 minutes.
-Once every 10 minutes.
-Once every 20 minutes.
-Once every 30 minutes.
-Once every hour.
-Once every minute.
-Once every 2-5 minutes.
-Once every 10 minutes.
-Once every 20 minutes.
-Once every 30 minutes.
-Once every hour.

What’s New in the Yi Scheduler?

+ Get a list of tasks sorted by frequency and time span.
+ Create a new task, assign it to an existing or a new event, and set a time span.
+ Overflow reminder messages are supported for all time spans, plus audio alerts for “in-time” events.
+ You can schedule recurring tasks.
+ Available as both 32 and 64 bit versions.
Included Languages:
windows 8
windows 8.1

Telegram is a lightweight yet easy to use application for meeting up with your friends via instant messaging. If you don’t understand the need for such a tool, then now is the time to get on board. There’s no need for lengthy manuals or training sessions as you can go straight to the point once Telegram is installed on your computer. It’s a free tool, so let’s get cracking.
Telegram Overview
As soon as Telegram is installed, you’ll be greeted with the desktop application. When opening the tool for the first time, you’ll be asked to input your username, your display name, and a password. The display name is the name you will be using within Telegram. This can be anything you want, and you can change it later on. The rest will be used for security purposes, so that other users can’t access your information.
You can change your display name and password later on if required. Even the button to send the details to the appropriate contact is easy to find, so you can get straight to the point of your meetings.
Features Of Telegram
The most essential feature is of course that you can initiate a message with one click of a button. Chats are also supported, but that is a feature that isn’t as important. Telegram is a chat application that can be used through web, iOs, and Android platforms, but that’s all you’ll need. You do need an internet connection to talk, but that’s not a problem.
A brief list of some of the additional features you can count on includes
+ Your own page
+ Tag message
+ Addition to the Friends list
+ Messaging groups
+ MSN, Facebook, Google Talk, AIM, and other instant messaging services
What’s Bad About Telegram
If you have already been working with other messenger applications, you’ll feel right at home once you start using Telegram.

System Requirements For Yi Scheduler:

The minimum system requirements for Warface are described below. Minimum system requirements may be higher depending on your monitor and video settings.
Windows Operating System
Windows 7 32bit, Windows 8.1 32bit, Windows 10 32bit
64-Bit Processor
Intel Core 2 Duo or better
1GB of RAM
DirectX 9.0 or better
Graphics Card
Intel HD Graphics 4000 or better
1GB VRAM or higher
HDD Space
10GB of free space


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