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In September 2010, I had an idea to make a game with scripts. I tried. It was possible to write codes, but it was tedious and long. I started writing scripts in Word. Now this is a cumbersome shnyaga, where one line is sent sequentially to different places where you need to collect characters. Namely, to play as a character on the range. Of course, writing them is difficult. And such squeaks in the Word file give rise to big shoals if something goes wrong.
By the May holidays, I still launched this game, and there was one big problem that needed to be fixed. I wrote scripts, and they were driven by one character who collected the wrong character that was needed. And he was practically worth his weight in gold. There is a link in the game that leads to the quest room. It’s a little encrypted.
In general, while I was processing this quest, I got into the habit of working “multitasking”. If I finished writing a script for one task, then I started writing another one, which increased the load on the one that I wrote earlier. For some of the scripts, it was necessary to write additional scripts for proofreading. Not everyone wanted to do it.
By right-clicking on the text of the character, you could get a page with the read script, with the name of the hero.
Everything is simple, and it is very useful:
In this game I had 2 characters. A grim detective and a pleasant bartender. I couldn’t think of a partner. And then I got high, and I decided to leave this detective alone. And actually he was left alone.
For a long time I thought about how to arrange this quest. But everything rested on the moment with the selection of a partner in the quest. I thought and thought and came to the decision that I would take his hand and pull him in different directions. So it was done, and he himself chose his partner, and together they began to understand Puss in Boots.
The following week, I had a change for the second stage of the game, and I had to go on a week’s vacation during this time. But not for 2 weeks, but for 2 days. And then I realized that all this needed to be sorted out, and I took an academic leave for family reasons.
But last week I was returning from vacation at 7 pm, and then my manager calls me to come to the tournament. Looking forward to



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