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It’s now compatible with the Windows® 10 operating system, making it easy to create impressive print projects.n Design from scratch or choose from over 15,000 professional options.n View your creative projects in catalogs and videos.n Take calls from clients and provide them receive printed products in any quantities required.n Provide a wide range of print and promotional products to customers for a long time.n Use the power of personalization and automation to achieve superior results.n Automate print management work for finished, improved work.n Work faster and better.n
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Print in color at no extra cost. If you want to preserve the saturation of colors and the realism of photographs, put the paint in a container of water. Now you don’t have to worry about the paint drying up completely. The job will only take a few seconds. After that, you can print photos or paintings. n Set the desired temperature for printing photos, choose a camera with a color LCD display or a printout for a clear image. “La Gioconda’s smiles” are already on sale!n Want to print a photo or drawing in the size of 24×31 cm?n To do this, you do not need to call a photographer at home or go to a photo studio. n You can print both a photo and a small painting. n Get professional-looking photos with no extra effort. n Upload photos to a service, select the photo you want, and then place it in your project. n You can reproduce any part of the original image and replace the hue or saturation , adding or removing part of the image. Do you like to get bright photos?N Now you can change the colors with just one touch.n This feature will help you maintain the brightness and saturation of colors during the actual printing. n Make your shots come alive and feel.n For realistic images with images you’ve seen in movies and photos with shadows in the background, simply set the brightness level to your preference.n Create a promotion by giving away free presentations! light.n You no longer need to open the aperture or adjust the shutter speed.n Just press the ex button



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