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What to do with some trash that’s left from previous building exercise?

I’m conducting an experiment where I suspend a small structure by a cable from a building, then cut the cable.
This has created a small heap of rubbish and even more interestingly, the heap is gone a couple of days later.
I think this is because whatever food the garbage was consumed by is now either gone or decomposed.
What’s best approach to this problem? Can this be fixed by putting a layer of a substance that seems to be conducive to decay, like a chemical substance? Do we need to do anything (like sterilization)?
I’m not sure what it is that’s decomposing, it could be a mix of bacteria and maggots but I don’t know the ratio.


For a bit of fun, and possibly an opportunity to ‘learn by experience’ (or failure), consider this experiment instead.

Exercise 2: Shedding

You could suspend a small (or not) structure from a building, then cut the cable. The structure could be a (small) dinosaur skeleton, or could be filled with sand, or anything else you choose.

Take photographs.

You should find that the suspended structure will fall, slowly, over time (or as you let it go, faster as you let go) to the floor of the building. But (for an experiment) don’t expect the structure to stay put. Instead, watch the fall.

Consider, as a research project, which aspects of the fall matter (falling height, direction, impact angle,…) and how they effect what happens to the skeleton after the fall.

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