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The Order 1886 Pc Torrent 26


we’ve had a series of discoveries that shed more light on The Order: 1886. Our first stop is the Limited Store’s Game Room. It housed a variety of books, magazines, comics and audiobooks. The series is limited edition! For those who are here for the first time, we will clarify that the Needle is not the name of the bank, but the game console used by Sheldon. Let me remind you that Sheldon is a police officer. From this we can conclude that the comics that he writes for his army are printed here. This explains the presence of explosive toys in the section for teenagers (Hell Mania). Our next item is the reconstruction of the battles of World War II. This is also an art project, on which a lot of money and effort was spent. We were surprised at how many people gathered here, looking at weapons with great interest, and some even trying on uniforms and depicting tanks. It turns out that in order to participate in the reconstruction, it is not necessary to go to the past – it is quite possible to do it from the present. We couldn’t help but take a picture against the backdrop of a tank, because according to the film, a tank is one of the symbols of the Second World War. Another object that was dedicated to the Second World War is the Museum of Soldiers Caponiers. Here are exhibits that tell about how soldiers from the 20th century rested and had fun during the Second World War, as well as their life and weapons. We spent the next few hours in Toy City, where we could not only walk through the maze, but also ride in an electric car, enjoy dinner at a restaurant, and then go on a tour of the Toy Gallery.
2. Atmosphere
We decided that the Toy Gallery was the right place to play Quidditch, so we chose a poster with this bird and immediately started catching it. In fact, air hockey can also be a great way to have fun, here it is played by very young children, older children, and people with disabilities. And I recommend starting with it if you are not ready to pay a little. But first, it’s better to take a Quidditch course. On the second floor of the gallery there is a table with various game equipment and clubs, all of which must be used. A Quiddit Master can also take the course, teaching you how to control the club and showing you how to pick up objects that hit the target. Is it difficult to play? Yes, but it’s not that hard. Also, on this f



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