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[UPDATE 06/10/15]
For those who don’t know :

Windev Mobile is the most recent version of Windev. You can download the most recent version of Windev here. As for Windev Webdev and Windev Webdev Mobile I do not know if/when are they going to release a version for Windows 8.
It is also important to know that Windows 8 does not have a WebView by default. You will need to install the WebView from the Microsoft store (or from the install_webview.cmd if you want to keep the “real” WebView.
The new implementation of the Control Panel opens in old tab “Settings”, not in the new “Control Panel Settings”.

[UPDATE 05/10/15]
Just to clear things up : The project (“windev_windows”) I mentioned previously is indeed dead and has been abandoned.


I would not do it because Windows 8 has enough apps for web development.
If you still want to try it (at your own risk of course), here are the steps:
1. Download the zip file from your link.
2. Unzip it and open the folder webdev.
3. You should see a bunch of folders (that are the files that the program needs to run)
4. Select the folder named telecharger_webdev_sel (or whatever the folder name is)
5. The folder that is left should have the directory assets/ which should contain the files. If you do not have the files on your disk, then go to the site of your current location (my location is Mexico) and download them.
6. Open the folder called assets/
7. You should see a directory with the name css
8. Open the file called bootstrap.css
9. Edit as you see fit. The program will work on the web as long as you have everything done.
10. You can launch windev.exe to test if it works.

UPDATE: 2/14/2020

Joshua Barber has been found.

Earlier this week, the Grady County Sheriff’s Office located an employee of Graves Hendon, LLC who provided the wrong information on the manhunt since January 15th. Mr. Barber is the last suspect to be found and he is being held in the Grady County Jail.

Joshua Barber did not follow the instructions of those who allowed him to

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What is this round object on the right wing of this Cessna 182?

On Aug 11th, 2018 at 10:23 PM while descending, we noticed a round object in the lower right-hand corner of the right wing. The cockpit was empty, our ADS-B receiver indicated a clear position, we were at 20,000 feet and descending under full power. We flew above the object for 20 minutes before deciding to land.

The object was calm and there was no rain or wind. We did not hear anything or see anything in the area, and did not observe any emergency lights or smoke. The object just kept the same distance from us and went straight up in the night sky.


From my google search, this appears to be a common part of the plane. In this case it’s the birdcage battery (the CFA was unable to tell us what it was based on the photos). You can see in the first photo that it’s in the lower corner of the right wing.

The photo posted here (on Facebook) shows it better. There are several more photos on that link.


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