Download Volvo Dev2tool ((BETTER)) 😉

Download Volvo Dev2tool ((BETTER)) 😉


Download Volvo Dev2tool

The free Volvo Dev2tool version is only including one activation for tech tool, dev2tool and .
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The most important thing about a dinner is the atmosphere, the relaxing and convivial surroundings and all this guaranteed at The Club.

The whole bar team are really on top of their game offering a varied selection of drinks ranging from classic cocktails to the most unconventional drinks of the year.

The wine list is a reflection of its’ own history, an important part of which was the drive to present the best selection possible to our guests and customers. The wine list also has a strong Italian influence: Italian wine is truly a passion for all of us and we are happy to offer a selection of wines from our stable right from the start, with daily updates in order to present the biggest and best range possible.

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The Club Trattoria

This is where we focus on top-quality food and strong wine. We serve a menu full of surprises for both food and drinks.

Cosa Nostra

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The wine list has a richness of variety and a depth of flavour: all under one roof, the best wines from all over the world

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