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While image editing software programs have been available for years, there’s been a rise in popularity in recent years. Many think of them as the digital equivalent of a video camera, allowing them to take a photograph and enhance it in a number of ways.

Whether a beginner is planning to use Photoshop for work or to enhance their hobby, the program offers a great deal of help. Not only does it contain almost every editing function an aspiring photographer could require, but it also offers invaluable help in mastering the basics.

On this page, we’ll discuss the basics of how to use Photoshop for work or hobby as a beginner.

The First Layer

Photoshop can be a bit intimidating for the novice as most steps must be performed one at a time. Since most editing programs only offer one single image on a single layer, it’s best to keep things simple from the start.

Beginners should focus on one image at a time and create a new layer for every adjustment. Most offers on the market will also keep a history of the layers so that you can undo edits. This means you don’t accidentally delete something without realizing it.

Creating Layers

Creating a layer is not as simple as it might seem. Photoshop offers a wide array of editing tools that you can use to put together the image you desire.

Before you can actually begin adjusting your image, you’ll want to create a new layer. Layers enable you to keep track of what changes are being made to the original image.

To do this, first save the image you want to work with. Next, click on the New Layer icon on the Layers palette to create a new layer.

You can then begin editing the new layer with the various features Photoshop offers.

The Layers Palette

Every editing program that offers several layers offers a way to switch back and forth between editing tools. The Layers palette enables you to make changes without having to adjust each one manually.

It also allows you to easily undo edits if something goes wrong. The Layers palette is actually much easier to use than the toolbars that offer limited options.

Adding Frames

When you create a new layer, you can also add a specific area of the image to the new layer. This may be a specific part of the image you plan to work on. It may also be a specific part of the image that serves as an “exposure” or “key” for your photo.

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In this post, I will show you how to use Photoshop Elements to improve photos, remove red eyes and much more.

1. Edit Pics and Video Files

I will guide you through the most common features of Photoshop Elements for editing, including basic editing and retouching.

After this, I will show you how to work with images on the web.

1.1. Add Popular Effects to an Image

The first step in any image editing process should be to apply a filter to change the appearance of your photos or videos. The quick and easy way to apply filters is with the 3 filters that are included in the standard image editor.




1.2. Use Adobe Camera Raw to Correct Minor Defects

It’s not a secret that Photoshop Elements lacks the level of tools and quality of work available in the professional version. However, there are ways to get rid of some of the unattractive features in your photos.

If you are still not sure whether you should buy Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, I will share my experience with the two software programs.

1.2.1. Create HDR Images with Photoshop Elements

You’ve seen my previous blog post about the best picture editing software for Instagram. That program will save your photos automatically in an “instagram-ready” profile, but you need to have a camera and a computer with a micro SD card installed.

If you have a photo you’d like to share on Instagram, you can change the profile to use Photoshop Elements.

The new profile will make your image look better by taking multiple photos and automatically stitching them together using the panorama feature in Photoshop Elements.

1.2.2. Improve the Skin Tone in Your Photos

If you have a photo that looks like you forgot to apply any form of bleaching, this quick tip will help.

Step 1: Open the photo in Photoshop Elements and load it into a new document.

Step 2: Select the bright object in your image with the Rectangular Selection Tool (A) and press Ctrl/CMD + Alt/Opt + T to pull down the Selection Tool.

Step 3: Click on Image > Adjust > Curves.

Step 4: Move the Lower and Upper Slopes so that you see the brightness

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