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Thousands, if not millions of photos are taken on a daily basis, and when acquiring them from your phone or camera, chances are you also want to keep them organized. If simple folder arrangement doesn’t tickle your fancy, then maybe specialized applications like myAlbum2 do, letting you create, and share different albums, and collections.
Intuitive design quickly gets you up and running
On the visual side of things, the application is pretty well-organized, with the preview area initially being fitted with all operations you can perform, ranging from creating a new album, working with an existing one, to sharing it with friends, or family.
Needless to say that the first step is to add pictures. This is done through a browse dialog, asking you to specify a source folder, or using the navigation panel to locate it. Once done, these are enlisted as thumbnails so you can view, and select them for a better preview. You can then easily scroll through them, and even initiate a slideshow in fullscreen mode.
Create more albums, and share with others
Loading pictures doesn’t mean an album is created. This is simply done by writing a name, and filling it with items from the browse section, there’s a button to add all of them, or you can pick them one by one. As the application suggests, it’s best to enable the option to save thumbnails, so it doesn’t always spend time generating them.
The application doesn’t let you edit pictures, not even rotate them. On the other hand, it does provide the option to load your preferred editor at the press of a button, with the default one being MS Paint. Pictures you like can even be set as wallpapers.
Last but not least, the application gives you the possibility to share albums with others. This is done by choosing whether to save the whole album, or just specific images, and whether or not to compress them to take less space. However, the file you send needs to be opened in the application, so sharing also implies telling your friends about the application.
To sum it up
Bottom line is that with the abundance of pictures you take nowadays, it’s good to keep them organized in albums. With myAlbum2 this becomes an easy task, given the intuitive design which makes it accessible even to inexperienced individuals. Sharing leaves more to be desired, but the overall set of features, and option to attach a preferred editor make it worth a try.









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Up to 21000 pictures not only help you keep a record of the little things, but also they are a great source of inspiration and fun!

myAlbum2 is a professional application designed to enhance your smartphone. It is used to organize all photos and videos you take on your iPhone, iPad or on the web, and keep them safe. Create your own albums and collections, and share them with your friends.

You can keep your favorite pictures and videos organized in albums, collections and apps, and share them with family, friends or your entire contact list!

Optimize photos with myAlbum2 and save space!

Create your own custom album by selecting the photos you want to organize, making your own slideshow.

Select the photos you want to share from an album directly to Facebook, WhatsApp or Twitter.

Make photos and videos stand out with creative cover for each photo and video.

Choose the type of file compression for each photo and video.

Choose to share photos and videos with your entire contact list, or just with a specific list.

Add music and sound effects to your own personalized playlists.

Change the size of photos and videos for better compatibility with your device.

Keep personal memories and your best pictures with you all the time!


myAlbum2 2.0.0+ Features:

If the tabs at the top of the application are closed, you can access Settings, Password, Help and Support.

If the bottom menu is closed, you can hide and show the tabs.

Hover your mouse pointer over the application icons at the bottom to see a pop-up menu.

The application icon on the home screen can be changed to the custom album theme.

You can import all pictures and videos in a folder.

You can import all images of a specific app.

You can export the pictures in an album to another album.

You can export the images of all the albums in one file.

You can create and create albums.

You can share the albums with your friend list.

You can organize the photos in a library.

You can export all the images in one album to a zip file.

You can use the gallery as a light table for photos and videos.

If the Album is created successfully, the new album will show at the bottom of the album list.


MyAlbum2 Free Download

myAlbum2 For Windows 10 Crack is an application that organizes photos into albums, and lets you manage them in ways never before thought of. If you want to keep all the pictures you have ever taken at your fingertips, either on your phone, or computer, then this app is the way to go.
• Organize the pictures you have taken into albums of your choice.
• Enjoy rich and customizable features to make sure you organize your images however you like.
• Easily add photos to your albums from your phone’s camera roll.
• View images as thumbnails or full screen to select pictures for your albums.
• View and edit notes that go along with your images.
• Fast and effortless way to share albums with friends.
• Easily send albums as email attachments, or save as zip files with a few clicks.
• Save pictures as PNG, JPG, or GIF with the option to set them as your application’s default.
• Change the look of the app with over 50 different themes.
• Share albums with others through email attachments or zip files.
• Fits any screen size with multi-resolution support.
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Phone & Tablet
Windows Phone:
Full HD Experience
Photos and pictures are taken and displayed on various screens in high definition (HD).
myAlbum2 2022 Crack can be set as your default choice while opening other apps, so you can keep on doing other things while viewing your albums.
What’s New:
Version 4.2.1:
Feature improvements and bug fixes.
How to uninstall MyAlbum2?
• On your computer, uninstall or disable the App from your Applications folder.

MyAlbum2 Full Version

Keep your albums organized:
– Create unlimited albums
– Edit selected images
– View, create and share albums from your Android
– Create, view and share albums
– Organize your albums and images
– Save albums as wallpapers
MYALUMB2 is dedicated to organizing your favorite images and to provide you with the tools you need to keep and manage your images on your Android device. You have the possibility to create, view and edit image albums as well as to share them.
Albums can be shared with Facebook, you can also create a presentation of your albums for the web.
MYALUMB2 is compatible with any Android compatible smartphone and tablet, so you can organize your albums on your PC as well!
– Create and organize unlimited image albums
– Organize your images and image albums into collections
– Create and edit image albums
– View, create and share image albums
– Share image albums on Facebook
– Create or view image presentations for online use
– Organize your image albums as wallpapers

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What’s New in the MyAlbum2?

¿Quieres fotografiar el día a día tus familiares, amigos, o colegas, y compartirlos con ellos?
“¿Quieres fotografiar el día a día tus familiares, amigos, o colegas, y compartirlos con ellos?
MiAlbum2 aplica a todas las versiones de Windows con la creación efectuada mediante un menú contextual y una interface sencilla de uso.
Puedes crear fotografías en tiempo real utilizando tu dispositivo móvil y recortar y comprimir.
Por cada fotografía se genera una copia de imagen de lo que se ha creado.
Puedes editar estas copias modificando los datos introducidos.
Por cada tipo de fotografía se genera un archivo de este tipo.
También puedes compartir todas las fotografías o la parte de ellas que queras mediante la impresión de un folleto o la impresión de las copias móviles que se hayan creado.
El diseño de la interfaz es la más simple que se conoce.
El nombre de la fotografía puede ser introducido y el nombre de la copia puede ser introducido.
Los datos introducidos se aplican a todas las imágenes.
Incluso puedes cambiar el color de fondo de las imágenes creadas.
Puedes añadir personajes a estas fotografías o a las copias.
Puedes configurar más ajustes de composición en la interfaz personalizada.
Este programa incluye una variante de imagen ‘SlimWall’ (elige una imagen) que está basada en la tecnología SlimWall que es una aplicación de pago para

System Requirements For MyAlbum2:

Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8.1
32-bit or 64-bit OS
2GB RAM or more
Storage: 200MB free space
Minimal Graphics:
DirectX 10 or Above
Recommended Graphics:
DirectX 11 or Above
Hard Drive: 25GB
VGA Adapter
DirectX Feature Level 11
System Requirements:

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