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When you want to help a novice repair or optimize their computer, the best way is to find a straightforward desktop sharing solution and take over their machine. Desktopable is such an app, and it is extremely intuitive so as to be operated even by those with very little PC skills.
Portable desktop sharing app
It needs to be emphasized from the beginning that you do not need to install this utility on your computer before you can make it work. On the contrary, you can just store it on your removable USB thumb drive and run it to remotely connect to a computer whenever the occasion arises.
This tool functions the same way TeamViewer does, it assigns an ID and password to each PC it runs on, so you need to know the credentials of the target machine to establish a successful connection. Also, you are advised to only accept connection requests from people you personally know to avoid any potential malicious attacks.
Once you took over the remote computer, you can enter full screen mode or resize the window, depending on your preferences.
Built-in file manager and chat
Desktopable also comes with a few utilities meant to simplify your work, such as a dedicated file manager that makes it easier for you to explore all the documents on the remote location.
Due to the integrated chat, you can send and receive messages in real-time without requiring a specialized third-party app.
To sum things up
Overall, Desktopable functions as a stripped-down version of TeamViewer, which makes it ideal for computer novices who would be overwhelmed by too many buttons or features. It allows you to quickly connect to a remote machine so you can operate it as if you were standing in front of it, while also benefiting from the integrated file manager.







Desktopable 1.3.0 Crack + [Win/Mac] (Latest)

✔ Allows you to share any of your installed desktop programs and files over the network with your friends or colleagues.
✔ Provides a desktop sharing program that runs as a stand-alone application, instead of requiring you to run it from within your browser.
✔ Allows you to control your computer remotely and monitor and even share your current screens and documents.
✔ Has a handy file manager that displays any documents found on your computer from any location on the network.
✔ Runs on the Mac OS X, Windows and Linux systems.
✔ Has an intuitive, easy to use interface.
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Desktopable 1.3.0 Download

Teamviewer is designed to make your voice, video, data, and screensharing more secure and more effective. And we use our own servers to provide you with the best experience.
We also want to prevent any bugs in our software, and so we want to use the most common and stable programming languages. JavaScript, Java, Adobe Flash, SQL and.Net are good choices. We are also open to other language proposals.
Teamviewer Features:
– Remote Control
– User Management
– Instant On/Off

Two-way audio and video; remote desktop
Communication software to exchange files and information without the need of third-party tools. Stored or downloaded on your USB, use it to share screens, transfer files and burn video CDs.

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Desktopable 1.3.0 Crack + Activation Key Free Download

Automatically connect to a remote machine to access and control it.
Download Desktopable for free and install it on your PC.
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What’s New In?

The most advanced desktop sharing solution available on the market
A quick and easy to use desktop sharing solution for laptops and desktops
Designed for simple operation and intuitive use
Provides remote access over the Internet, local LAN, and VPN
Support for most operating systems including Mac, Linux, and Windows
Works both over the Internet and local networks
Deployable, simple installation, easy to use and is safe to use
Reduce the clutter on your desktop with the file manager
Send and receive files in real-time using the integrated chat
User Friendly
Connect using a simple interface
Run the utility on any computer from a USB drive
Lite version only supports 1 remote computer

✅ Tested on Windows 10✅ Lifetime update support✅ No need for antivirus and Internet connection✅ 50+ Top applications collected in one package✅ Free update from application to application✅ Add all of your favorite programs✅ Keep your favorite programs-added applications updated at the moment✅ Get rid of useless and small applications, free up more space✅ Add any application you like with click one button!✅ Modify the programs you want to remove✅ Option to include only some of your programs✅ Program usage statistics and updates✅ Everything is customizable✅ You can set the default applications✅ Search helps you quickly find the application you’re looking for✅ You can access the applications through the list✅ You can also hide your applications or set them to start automatically✅ You can give your applications a name✅ Set icon of each application✅ Create favorites✅ Add more than 300,000 apps from more than 50 categories✅ Free application updates✅ Also includes the Top list, Top-Favorites, Top-Settings, and Top-Add-to-Shelf Categories✅ Who says that an application can’t add value to our lives?✅ Save your own Favorites✅ Turn off specific applications on a go✅ Personalize your settings by changing icons, names and etc✅ Remove shortcut files or folders✅ You can also access to all the apps on your computer✅ Share your favorite apps by sending them to someone via Email✅ Change your own progress bar to show updates without opening any application✅ Discover the tips and tricks about the app through a Help section✅ Show your favorite category through a Top list✅ Start up and shutdown apps automatically✅ Many options available to configure the application to suit your preferences

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10
Processor: 2.0 GHz CPU
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® 8600M GS
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Hard Drive: 1.8 GB available space
Additional Notes:
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