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DnsTube is a Firefox extension, with a simple user interface that allows users to view, modify, or remove DNS records. It will use the Cloudflare’s API to check if the values of the DNS records on the provided websites (www.) are set to match the Cloudflare (dynamic) IP.
1. Start by downloading and installing the extension:
2. Follow the instructions of the extension’s manual installation, which will require you to be able to enter the extension’s URL in the browser:
3. Enter your account credentials for Cloudflare.
4. DnsTube will now allow you to start modifying entries in the DNS with the options available.
5. Use the extension’s handy recording function to keep track of which records you have modified so far.
6. If you are having issues while doing so, use the extension’s troubleshooting function.
If you are experiencing connection issues while attempting to update a DNS record, or when checking the values available on the Cloudflare DNS, then the following error may occur:
> Origin is not authorized
From the documentation, this error occurs when an IP change notification is received, and the extension is not aware of the IP change (
If you are unsure which IP your machine currently is using, check the IP shown in the Chrome DevTools.
Using the Custom DNS Managers extension, which can be found here, allows you to fully control, and even edit, the entries that the extension updates.
Where to go if you need additional support:
> For any questions regarding the extensions, reach out to support@cloudflare.com.
[Challenge] The Challenges are pretty much working in all it’s full glory!
Cloudflare issued a challenge to our readers to become the master of the Domain Name System (DNS), and win an Intel NUC computer as a reward.
How to participate
1. Find the name of the challenge, as well as the instructions, using the link given.
2. Read the instructions for the challenge, make sure to read carefully, especially if you are new to the topic.

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The tool is divided into three main main parts, where the first main area handles the generation of the API keys and tokens needed for the tool to properly function. The second, larger section ensures the tool itself can handle the actual dynamicity of the change, as well as providing the scheduling of the checks performed.
Finally, the final area ensures that the tool itself is not compromised, and that data at the backend is suitably secured.
Key features:
The most basic of the three main areas handles the generation of API keys and tokens. These are used so Cloudflare will grant the tool access to the backend, without having to authorise an individual request.
The second area of the tool handles the generation of the main scheduled checks, and ensures they are synchronized with the user chosen time schedule.
Finally, the third part of the tool handles the security measures offered, seeing as the tool might be open to the public in order to generate the needed tokens and API keys.
If using a browser, then DnsTube Download With Full Crack can be accessed through an Internet Explorer or Chrome browser, along with any other platform.
DnsTube Crack Mac features a built-in log in system, and a simple user interface offering the user the various methods for controlling the tool’s schedule and the settings for the various options.
The tool does enable the user to manually update the IPs, as well as the records which will need to be changed for each setting. This can be done via a simple text box, as well as a simple ‘Save’ option.
Additionally, the user can also specify what IP addresses can be used and included in the update. Furthermore, the tool can provide other safety measures by avoiding that older IPs are accessed.
DnsTube 2022 Crack is offered in both a paid and free version. The free version, lacking many of the features outlined above, can provide web page protection, keeping potentially dangerous IP addresses out, but does not allow the updating of IP addresses.
DnsTube Summary:
DnsTube offers a time-based scheduling and a check for IP address, with periodic checking being performed by the API key and token system. In addition, the tool can also be used to generate new keys and tokens as per the user’s needs.
DnsTube is offered in two versions: a free version, lacking many of the features outlined above, and a paid version which provides the service of handling the dynamicity of IP address, along with the periodic checking.

Key features:
The most basic

DnsTube 2.0.13 Product Key Full [Latest]

The tool provides an easy way to keep the records up to date. Unlike the manual option, you can easily set the frequency of the checks, thus minimizing the risks of manual faults.
The tool will fetch the cloudflare server status, and check if you are on DDoS-free zone and proxy-free zone. If these variables are not on the safe side, you will be notified and prompted to take the necessary actions to activate the checks again.
The tool will also fetch your Cloudflare zone settings, and retrieve the zones you have, as well as the subdomains that you own, along with the records associated with these as well.
DnsTube Verdict:
Overall, the tool proved to be an asset to anyone who needs to update their DNS records regularly. The added features like checking the zone status, monitoring for wrong settings, and maintenance, not to mention the additional API keys, constitute a plethora of advantages over manual-access or Web of Trust based solutions.

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Google Cloud Storage (GCS) is one of the more popular storage solutions, with over 3 million users. It is supported by most other Cloud storage services, and their partnerships are touted as a way to increase the potential of their own storage providers.
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What’s New in the?

DnsTube is a web-based service offered by Cloudflare that allows one to change their IP address in a few clicks, whenever the need arises. The tool also serves two functions: First, it provides an easy way to change the IPs on the dedicated IP list that exist on Cloudflare servers. Then, it also provides a list of public IP addresses that can be utilized by users, when the need arises.
With the IP list in mind, one can expect the tool to offer the IP for both IPv4 and IPv6, as well as, a few additional settings for the same.
The tool is comprised of a few sections, with the first section providing the ability to set the IP addresses for both the lists, along with the ability to change them when the need arises.
Users must enter the addresses and valid DNS name for the IP on the lists, followed by a comment, with a few more fields to set a private or public IP address, as well as, the ability to set the hostname.
The section in the tool then offers a drop-down menu for selecting the list, along with a few options for the transaction time, as well as, an option to enable or disable connection protection.
As mentioned, the tool also offers a list of free public IP addresses, with the number offered increasing over time.
There are a few unique functions offered with the tool, where the ability to change the IPs is one of them. To begin with, the user interface of the tool features a “launch” button for the public IPs, which will launch a new tab, where the user will see an IP list, either consisting of public or private IPs, which have been randomly selected by Cloudflare.
However, once the user logs in to the tool, the public IPs will not be randomly selected, but will be the one that are being set for the user. To access the public IPs list, the user must choose a specific IP list in the first section, and then must proceed to the public IPs tab, which can be found by pressing the “Public IPs” button.
Along with the public IPs, the tool offers a few other options, such as the ability to download the changes that have been made.
Furthermore, users can edit their records, and access their IP status or change IP addresses at any time.
The public IPs list is comprised of a total of 74,641,748 IP


System Requirements For DnsTube:

– DirectX 9 or better
– Windows 98/Windows 2000/Windows XP/Windows Vista.
– Minimum System RAM 512MB.
– Please check system requirements with your video card model
– List of compatible video card models:
AMD 64bit
AMD FX series / AMD series,
AMD FX-9590, FX-8370, FX-6300, FX-4300, FX-5300, FX-3100


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