Bounty Hunter: Space Detective – Population Pack 9 Hack MOD Activation Download (Updated 2022)



You are a Hero in a Science Fiction fantasy universe. It’s
long time since a meteorite killed the dinosaurs, but this
little is only a teaser for the next wave of surprise,
alien invaders, a mutant plague, robotic rebellions.
You are the Chief-Lector of a space station, but you were
also the last pilot. Now you have to lead the people against
the terrible threat of our universe.
Mixed with a strategic turn-based game, Pangea features some
roguelike elements. Your heroes move around the map. They
can’t save the world from the invasion, but they can sabotage
the enemy power bases and clear those monsters out. Be part
of the saga and discover the secrets of the Pangea universe!
• Strategic turn based combat with RPG elements.
• Preparation – tactical scouting, building, trapping.
• Free choice of enemies – you can unlock any faction.
• Earn unique Heroes, highly upgradeable units with unique combat and abilities.
• Craft numerous types of traps and weapons.
• Difficult game AI (computer controlled).
• Challenge yourself in a campaign with many different objectives.
• Unique heroes, each with their own strategy.
• In game an interactive story.
• Dynamic events.
• Beautiful and colorful turn based maps.
• Fast paced game play.
• Customize your fighters in many ways.
• You can become a god – destroy everything and unleash a celestial catastrophe.
• First person perspective allows you to see your heroes in battle.
• Local multiplayer.
System Requirements
* Windows – 7, 8, 10 (64 bit)
* Processor: 1.8 GHz
* Graphic Adapter: 1 GB of VRAM
Microsoft Visual C++ 2008, 2010, 2012.
We will use this feature if there are many complaints about the game from Linux users.
Before reporting the complaint you should follow these steps:
1) Open the game directory in Steam.
2) Open games directory on the Steam’s page, go to SteamApps/ common/ PangeaGame/ Logs.
3) Directly in this directory you will see the logs from the game. You can open them.
4) After opening the logs, add some text from them to the report.
5) Send the report to our support.
6) Open the game after the update.
7) If


Bounty Hunter: Space Detective – Population Pack 9 Features Key:

  • Easy to play! The difficulty of this real-time strategy game can be easily adjusted.
  • Simple graphics make the game look like a classic.
  • The game has 8 stages and in total there are 256 hidden items you can find.
  • The sound effects in the game are very pleasant. From exploding bombs to the sound of ancient people walking on the ground and singing – the game provides delightful sounds for you.
  • Alice Escaped! immerses you into a feeling of real play.
  • Hints! Read this information carefully.


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