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The 2nd major chapter for Aesthetics is finished!
Check out the new Design page to see how the game looks now!
The only thing you should be really scared of! (I know, I’m juts being
21 new Achievements is now available!
Now 28 achievements total!
I repeat: 21 new Achievements is now available!
Now 28 achievements total!
There’s a Boss fight! More challenging than ever!
Finally, all Blog Series (first from The Games Department of Bit-Tech), now
available in HTML format!
I hope I will have the chance to keep writing these later on 🙂
Bit-Tech, December 06, 2007

Hello people.
We are the two heroes from the last Battle Report:

Hope you enjoyed the last post as much as we did!
Spwak and I have to reveal another secret of the series…
We have been working on the Beta versions for some weeks now
and we like to show you our work.
We hope you enjoy it too.
Aesthetics & Spwak, December 06, 2007

Hello, people.
I’m Spwak, the bear and the savior of the world!
Though I am small, I’m powerful!
And my friends are the ones I love!
No matter if we are alone or alone together,
there will be no question of losing.
Never, never.
So come on and play!
The battles won’t be that difficult for you, right?
Aesthetics & Spwak, December 06, 2007Layers of Chaos

Layers of Chaos is a compilation album by the American extreme metal band Dimmu Borgir. It was released on October 12, 2009. It contains songs from their various releases with Existence, Victims of the Underground, Fylkingen and Vengeful Ascension. It also contains a DVD, live footage of the band, and a making of the album and the DVD (the making of the DVD has been previously released in




Features Key:

  • Carefully designed clean and white GUI
  • Carefully designed to play in a digital world
  • Well designed and established AIP and Item mechanics for the Facility Project
  • Cyberpunk theme with futuristic, the future is coming, technology has an impact on society
  • You have an environment to grow in and become someone
  • Graphic performance:


    Facility is a world record equipment that can be compared to urban combat. Equipment range, security and comfort scale is so high to fit every user needs. The world is getting better and when dealing with the facility project there is no need for predator detectors, motion sensors, home security, riot shields, capsicum spray, and firearms. You can play what ever you want to play in the facility project, the world is yours.

    Polaractive is a search engine provider in Poland, headquartered in Gdańsk. Its office is in the Liberty Square. The company started its operations in 1993, and is a specialist in the aggregation of web offers and services such as weather and sports news. Other services available by the site include mobile apps, a job center, an address book, personal finance calculators, and online shop.

    On June 30, 2019 it was reported that the search engine is being closed because of a lack of customers.

    In July 2019, the company tried to sell


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    Ticket to Ride, the award-winning strategic board game that combines Connect Four gameplay with powerful trade, is a hit with gamers of all ages and skill levels. Since its release in 2007, the game has been translated into many languages, played by people around the world, and won the hearts of four-time Japan Game Awards winner, François Valentyne and the 2011 Games Game of the Year award for the German version.
    Ticket to Ride Legendary Asia is a standalone version of the game designed specifically for gamers playing on Legendary and Premium Ticket to Ride games, as well as for new players discovering the game for the first time. Players take turns auctioning train routes which are played in a series of cities that are connected by single colored lines on a board-like field. Players try to build train routes that generate as many tickets as possible.
    Players can use cards that represent the 12 countries of Asia, each with its own unique route. Countries are represented by the routes they play in, and are more likely to offer tickets to others that play the same country as them. After ten turns, the highest score is the winner.
    The Legendary edition adds enhanced rules and new Chinese and Mongolian cards. Players can also track and retrace their turns to analyze their strategy. The Legendary edition has a board size of 27 squares and additional 12 train stations for each player (8 for each player on Premium edition).

    Epic Locations:

    My favorite Asian area, with amazing scenery. I think the mountain routes you produce in that area are also really cool.

    An Tien Duc Road

    This is one of my favorite Asian routes in the map.

    An Ninh Binh

    I loved this area. I only used four of the seven routes in the destination, but the one I used was great. I really liked the river of train routes from the Silk Road to here.

    Meo Myo

    This is a beautiful route with a lot of green space.


    I also really enjoyed this region.

    Lao Cai

    This is a great route, I love the control point on the river.

    Ho Chi Minh City

    Beautiful area, and one of my favorite cities. It is the second city I won, it was very close to me.

    Luang Prabang

    This was great and a little expensive, but I won.

    Lang Son

    I loved this area.


    Beat Saber – Kayzo – Quot;This Time Quot; Crack + [Win/Mac]

    Go fishing with joy and passion, to capture pike the old-fashioned way – like you would do in nature. That is why the angler often gets bitten by a pike when they are using bait. Winter Pike Pack is the answer to all anglers needs. Catch as many pike in the ponds, rivers and other bodies of water. Each species should be fished in its own season. For example: day light hours or night seasons. The northern fishing with the Winter Pike Pack is one of the most exciting offers for the angler. The extraordinary combination of rods, reels, lures and other equipment gets the angler prepared for the task. The bait goes over the bottom and into the water, the angler casts a bait, with maximum power, to catch the top predator of the water and then transfer it back to the shore. This alone leads to satisfying fishing and trolling on big or small lures. Catch as many Pike as you can and sell them to make the most money for your business.
    Key Game Features:
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    Bar-Gal and his team of MIT researchers are trying to get to the bottom of a potentially simple, yet disastrous episode that took place more than a century ago.

    In the summer of 1892, it was discovered that in the aftermath of their 1891–92 Antarctic expedition, the vessel the Erebus and Terror—two of three Royal Navy ships that were dispatched to rescue and recover the crew of a mutiny on HMS Victoria—had been stranded on an island in Commonwealth Bay, Antarctica. Then came The Black Wave, a wave that caused the two ships to sink.

    The two ships were trapped in an ice-locked winter, with the temperature at -20° F (-29° C), the pressure equivalent to 7,000 feet (2,134 m), and zero wind. The crew of the Erebus and Terror were rescued in 1894.

    The problem: The survivors were never seen again. And then, in 1908, a team of sailors from the shipwrecked ship discovered that they were almost certainly dead.

    Bar-Gal and his team are trying to understand why this tragedy was different from all the others.


    What’s new in Beat Saber – Kayzo – Quot;This Time Quot;:


    The Ranking



    Structure and Prizes

    Days 1 & 2

    15-player top cut only to top 4

    Top 4 cut to playoff rounds (2-3-2)

    Round 1

    5-player singles NO BO(3) top cut used


    Round 2

    5-player singles NO BO(3) top cut used

    4-player doubles BO(3)

    Round 3

    1-2, 2-3, 3-4, 1-2 (No BO)


    1-2, 3-4


    Final BO(1)

    # Days to the final 30yo


    D1: 30yo (Finals) D2: 18yo


    D1: 42yo (Semifinals) D2: 30yo

    1. This pack contains randomly selected names with a chance for the next pack in the starting line-up of the previous #-# packs. If you like the pack and want to be in the next pack, be patient or come back here to see if it opens again!

    For any reason you can’t wait until the monday, then send me a pm here or contact me through Twitter: @MilleniumHunter.

    General Rules

    If you are not accepted directly by 2 persons online then playoff matches must be played by phone. You can play however it will be more easy for you. Just send me a pm here to say yes. Phone numbers are also included below.

    1 person (you or your opponent) must DM me on Twitter to confirm that you are a Rebel Hunter. If you are not, you will not play. If the person does not DM me in a timely manner I may random select you as one of the losers.

    Same person may not play in both the championship and online matches.

    1 person can play up to 4 online matches (same account).

    1 player (playoff winner or second place) cannot play the finals. If anyone wins the finals, then that person/s team will have to wait 5 days before they can play in the next tournament!

    Should any online matches go into a BO tiebreak, you can play a round or both of the tiebreak before selecting a winner (someone who cannot communicate better you or your


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    Let’s play another game under the roof of the Max Factory!

    A short story and cute gag comedy game by art team of PAPER NO.6!

    You play as a woman who can transform into any monster by wearing one of cute traps made by the Max Factory!

    Enjoy a weird mystery game where you can transform into a monster and meet lots of cute traps made by Max Factory!

    Explore a large mansion, hiding many traps!

    Can you transform to a monster and escape from the scary traps?

    Game story:

    A certain woman is living in a huge mansion.

    The woman’s house is always quiet and peaceful.

    However, there is a strange reception room just above her bedroom.

    The mysterious woman went to the reception room that is above her bedroom.

    But the door was locked with a key.

    The mysterious woman thinks it is a strange thing since she has never heard of it before.

    Thus, she tries to open the door.

    However, she finds out that the key doesn’t match the lock, so she can’t open the door.

    The mysterious woman opened a computer inside the reception room.

    The mysterious woman used a mouse to play a strange game on the computer.

    Suddenly, the mysterious woman’s sleepy eyes open wide.

    Huh? What is this?

    The mysterious woman found that she is trapped inside the reception room with a wall hanging on the right side.

    There is a terrible trap on the wall, which is made by the Max Factory.

    If the mysterious woman touches it, she is transformed into a monster.

    The mysterious woman thought that she was in heaven since she is able to play a weird game like this.

    However, the mysterious woman found out that she is in danger.

    The mysterious woman found that the trap has opened a time portal to a parallel world.

    Someone is watching the mysterious woman from the parallel world.

    Someone is watching the mysterious woman from the parallel world.

    The mysterious woman cannot escape from the trap.

    The mysterious woman tried to escape from the trap, but she only found a heavy weight.

    That is a trap.

    The mysterious woman found that she is trapped inside the reception room and unable to escape from the trap.

    Moreover, it appears that there are three different monsters at the same time


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