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” Mental House” is a psychological thriller, the player becomes acquainted with the protagonist in mysterious terms on an isolated shore. She is a girl looking for something in the basement of an old mental asylum. She finds various puzzles there and their solutions play in the game. A series of horror story books, which seems to be very much linked with the protagonist, are also found here.
What’s New in This Version:
PIXEL-DIGGERS: The game with the largest number of phone screens. Now you can start the game from a smartphone, tablet or PC.
FIGHTING PARTS: The optimization of the system for the battle for the player’s life is done
Full change of scenery, graphics and sound.
Easy play: Start playing if a mistake made, do not panic.
-App store:

-App Store:

-Google play:

You can also request a free for the time being Trial to play Mental House.
In direct contact with us:
The game is also available in beta version, and a tutorial can be found at the game’s Facebook page:
If you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback for us, please contact us at:
Our channel:
Like our Facebook page:

The Secret World Al-Masyoun is a first person puzzle game that combines the puzzle genre with the horror and mystery genre.
The story begins in a mysterious jungle that we never see before, where something mysterious is lurking. Our main protagonist is not a hunter. He is a simple farmer who lives in al-Masyoun, a little village in the forest of the Sultanate.
However, he is curious


Features Key:

The TANE DLC game route & route information:

TANE DLC Route: TANE Traction Railroad


Bidye Traction Railroad

TANE DLC Route: Bidye Traction Railroad Game Key features:


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Are you a talented artist? Do you possess a true grasp of the beauty of visual art? Do you enjoy fan art? Then this is your game.Read More About ArtRage.

Character Artwork:
The mage characters were designed by Satoshi Urushihara.
Expert Lifeguard:
The lifeguard is a character designed by the head of the game’s character art team.
Mana Devil God:
The devil god is created by a famous horror artist who has been doing game-related artwork in Japan for some years.
Creative director (c): Yosuke Hayashi
Original concept (c): Tetsuhisa Suzuki
Creative producer (c): Atsushi Shimizu
Concept creator (c): Katsuyuki Tagawa
Character creator: Satoki Urushihara
Animation: Yasuomi Matsumoto (kenTenma), Kimihiko Genso (kenTenma, Draftman)
Lyrics: Takashi Matsumura (kenTenma)
Music: Yuu Miyazaki (kenTenma, Draftman)
Sound: Shigeki Doi (kenTenma)
Layout: Satoru Kubo (kenTenma)
Stage manager: Rei Imai (kenTenma)
Scenario Editor: Hiroshi Momose (kenTenma)
Technician: Chiaki Murakami (kenTenma)
Sound: Yuichi Yasui
Scenario Editor: Masashi Kosaka
Choreographer: Noboru Harada
Choreographer: Taichi Harada
Managing director: Emi Hayashi
Art director: Kazuhiro Otsubo
Art director: Toshinori Fukushima
Art director: Tadashi Suzuki
Art director: Hirofumi Satou
Art director: Takashi Shimizu
Art director: Satoru Kubo
Art director: Takako Yamagami
Art director: Takenori Hirabaru
Art director: Kenichi Takano
Art director: Masaya Sugiyama
Art director: Isao Kikuchi
Art director: Yoshito Miyazaki
Art director: Toshihiro Chino
Art director: Tetsuya Kozono
Art director: Takao Yoshioka
Art director: Yuu Miyazaki
Art director: Hirofumi Satou
Art director: Kazuhisa Honma
Art director: Takashi Shimizu
Art director: Takako Yamagami
Art director: Kazuma


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My main game is Wizards Tabletop Simulator, where you play a tactical boardgame where you take on a role as a wizard, witch or magician. You need to work with an action set and hand toolset, trying to achieve a roleplay. You can take part in some fantasy and sci-fi themed quests, travelling to remote lands, planning to wreak havoc on the land. The game has many events that can trigger and add action, role and object in the game. Here are some screenshots:1. Wizards Tabletop Simulator:

I don’t really know what to say. You guys (and gals) have put in more than enough effort to make this game the success that it is. It’s helped me out in so many ways. Back in my “empty basement” days I would have had nowhere to turn for inspiration. You guys have filled in a void. Thank you.

Here is a short interview with me, the developer:

Developers Wanted:Interested in building your own game on this engine? Use Ghostcroft’s tools to build and test your own games, no programming skills required!

Play Tests:You have the option to play your game for free! Playtests are useful to us and let us learn about your game. We use your feedback to improve the engine and get it ready for you.

Concept Art:Have your own game in development? You can submit your concept art and we can use it on a free game as well!

Game Name: QuestEra Title: QuestEra

Developer: Ghostcroft

Supported Platforms: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10

Release Date: May 2015

About QuestEra:

Your mission is to defend the Earth from an evil race of alien invaders. A solitary and curious traveler from Earth, you are sent to the planet Harmony as part of an important scientific mission. You soon find yourself pursued by alien creatures who will do anything to stop you. Discover the secrets behind the mysterious alien race and stop them.Fight against the aliens and complete your quest as they send their attack forces against Earth. Defeat them to reveal the truth behind the alien threat and why the alien race is so determined to conquer the universe. Help the aliens with your ability to play both sides of the story, and eventually defeat them to gain the power to rule over


What’s new in Roto Force:

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