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The 50 Shades of Grey Effect?
If you want the most out of your hookup — and the most out of your fling, while still being able to remain discreet — Tinder, for example, is your best bet. While OKCupid will give you access to profiles from across the globe, Tinder allows users to upload their pictures to the app — and that’s the key. With more than a decade of camera-wielding media, it’s easy to see why we expect hot pics of some of our favorite celebrities. The joke’s on us, though. The majority of users are fake. In fact, according to a 2014 study that looked at the pictures of Tinder users, nearly 25 percent are bogus. So, really, what can you expect if you’re about to bed a picture of Mariah Carey, Taylor Swift, or Amanda Bynes?
Bad decisions can come at you in a variety of ways — emotionally, financially, physically. And since casual sex can also be hook up app in itself, it’s not just your own act of procreative sexual relationships which can affect your health — the recreational drug use, unprotected sex, and lack of planning could all lead to unexpected problems in your future. That’s not to say that the incredible period of pleasure we’re talking about, however, is inherently harmful — but that you have to be aware of the possible perils.
Sometimes, the aforementioned sex with hot people may even become a sexual addiction. There has been much discussion on sexual addiction, and many of the same indicators that a relationship can become sexually compulsive are the same as an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Some of those indicators are loss of control over time, regular use, spending large amounts of time together, pushing away friends or family, having a secretive life, and more.
And the best way to know you have an addiction is to test it yourself. Check out “how to spot a sex addict” to see how to know if it’s you.
The benefits of casual sex

Casual sex has only been around for the last few decades or so, but its role in the American lifestyle as we know it has become one of the most common ways for people to have sex. Countless couples that never would have imagined being together outside the bonds of marriage are able to express their love and desire in a way that would have been impossible in the past. For many young people, casual sex can become a kind of stepping stone. For many others, though, the goal of casual
90’s centerfolds

Bigger PenisThere are health risks. The penis of a 30-year-old man starts to shrink. Your semen becomes thinner and gets more diluted. Your ability to pump semen out of the penis on your own decreases. But research from medical professionals at Johns Hopkins says that penis size has little or no effect on the ability to have or the probability of having sex, birth control, STDs or even a career, says The Atlantic.
While it has been scientifically proven that bigger penis increases ejaculation with sex. The researchers suggest that length and diameter of the penis is influenced by the environment. The effect of nutrition on penis size is not proven at all. It’s a bit like what they say for beard growth.
Porn And Casual Sex
Well here is the case of women. As we just have mentioned in casual sex, women need protection. Sexual disease is really a women issue. Although men have several ways to prevent infection sexually, including condom use, latex barriers (dental dams are great if you’re trying to avoid a sore mouth), safer sex education, and abstinence, women’s safest way to avoid sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy is through using a condom. They also need a handy form of birth control.
Wait It’s All The Time
There are no health risks to casual sex. As long as you’ve met someone you respect and trust and you don’t have an STD, you should be as safe as you are with a long-term mate. It isn’t just risky to have sex without protection, it’s actually dangerous — 40 percent of pregnancies in the U.S. each year are from sexually transmitted diseases.
The more potentially damaging situation might be sexting — which involves sending sexual messages or nude photos of oneself. The way these texts are sent can be most revealing and are often compared to a boyfriend or girlfriend reporting to his/her parents about first time sex. If your partner has a sexual or drug addiction, it’s the perfect way to ensure that he/she has some illicit, alcohol-fueled sex time with you. There are many dangers to sexting and cybersex. But it’s not the best idea for anyone’s health. Your kinky sexting partner doesn’t need to look back and see you semi-naked, and it’s not likely to make you feel very sexy either. Not to mention all that fact that one in every six teens admit to having sexted and one in three teens say they have sent sexts.

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