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Pocket Squirm!
Pocket Squirm is a puzzle game with that fun ‘quick-time event’ high-score feel.
It’s so easy to pick up and play, but hard to master
and will keep you playing for hours.
And the best part?
Pocket Squirm can be played on-the-go!
Pocket Squirm can be played on a PC or Mac.
(You don’t need any extra software, like a gamepad)
The PC version of Pocket Squirm will launch on Steam sometime in late 2013.
Pocket Squirm can also be played on the iOS App Store for iPhone and iPad
and it will launch in late December.
The game comes complete with digital and physical core box for a limited time as part of the
Kickstarter campaign.
About the Game:
Trying to save Crackers from the tower
There’s no doubt that you love Crackers and his kooky
‘react-er’ karate-chopping skills.
What’s that? Crackers is missing?
To be honest, that kinda sucks.
But you have 10 days to save him.
From the time he is blown off the tower, it will take exactly 10 days for him to fall to his
certain doom.
You must reach him in 10 days.
Is that ‘easy’ or ‘hard’ mode?
That’s your call.
The tower is shrouded in darkness and laced with puzzles.
When you figure them all out, you’ll know that a lot of things are not as they seem!
Between the mobile version and the PC version of Pocket Squirm,
our dev team has tweaked and improved on the mobile game.
That’s why you’ll find lots of new items and upgrades in this PC game.
The Tower
The Tower is the main character and epicenter of Pocket Squirm.
Or maybe it’s not even the main character.
It’s hard to tell.
The Tower is a massive, 4-storey tower that stands high in the air.
On top of the Tower, the weather changes every 10 seconds.
On top of the Tower, a red door leads to Crackers’ world.
Underneath the Tower lies the Depths.
1. Dip to the Depths
2. Go through the Clouds
3. Lift up your Goggles
4. Go Through the Tower
1. Flick across the tower and try not to fall


Pocket Squirm Features Key:

  • Fantasy comedy meets videogames!
    Squirm grows large while you shrink. Use your imagination to shrink it down, squirm its way out of the holes in the ground, roll it along the wall and squirm out of the door.
  • Many rooms to explore and numerous levels to reach the final exit, even if it means squirming your way through the whole castle!
  • Explore a fantasy themed 3D rendered world, collecting map cubes to repair blasted out walls and unlock hidden rooms!
  • Create your own adventure: level up your squirm
  • Multiplayer – trade and race your friend’s squirms!
    Share your levels with your friends, or race them in a race to the exit!
  • The game is played in two modes:

    1) The main mode is where you start off with a single squirm and have to shrink it to reach other mini-squirm menaces and get shrunk down with them. You are rewarded by growing back to your true size when they reach your location.

    2) The multiplayer mode is where you start off with two or even three squirms and have to shrink them down to either a) blow up the explosive or b) get out of a hole. You lose when one or more of the squirms explodes or when they reach the exit without being able to expand back to their true size.

    SetupSquirm is the ideal game to get your kids learning numbers while having the fun of discovering the world of their biggest enemy.
    – Show Reminder

    Overview Squirm is a wonderful escape craft game. In this game you must help a little squirm to infiltrate a castle of various rooms. Various rooms, puzzles, and tactics are waiting to greet you and this is a truly wonderful escape game! Now go and get Squirm your way to the rescue!


    Behind the Scenes:






    Pocket Squirm Game Key features: 

    Pocket Squirm [32|64bit] (Updated 2022)

    You find and rescue your Rat friend, Crackers, who’s been blown to the top of a tower.
    Redshift’s main theme is the different areas each zone has. The different areas each have a unique theme, and are procedurally generated, meaning that they can be rearranged.
    The game is designed for anyone who likes platformers to play, from casual players to those looking to challenge themselves to advanced players looking to hone their skills.
    The game features a variety of different mechanics.
    Jump and jump once for double height.
    You can move diagonally and up/down.
    You can drop and pick up items.
    You can quickly hop over obstructions.
    You can trap yourself in a tight space.
    You can move left and right, but not diagonally.
    Game Modes:
    – No obstacle (you don’t have to worry about dying, you win if you reach the bottom before you run out of time)
    – No collectibles (Be warned! The tower will rearrange itself, trapping you somewhere unexpected!)
    – No obstacle (You win if you reach the bottom before you run out of time, the tower will rearrange itself, etc)
    – No collectibles
    – No obstacle (You win if you reach the bottom before you run out of time, the tower will rearrange itself, etc)
    – No collectibles
    Sky Level:
    – No obstacle (You win if you reach the bottom before you run out of time, the tower will rearrange itself, etc)
    – No collectibles
    Limited Time Mode:
    – No obstacle (You win if you reach the bottom before you run out of time)
    – No collectibles
    Limited Time Mode X:
    – No obstacle (You win if you reach the bottom before you run out of time)
    – No collectibles
    1. Cookie Key (Collect all of them)
    2. Extreme (Acquire all the ‘Extreme Outfit’ items)
    This is not our music, it’s a remixed version from the original game for Steam. It’s an arrangement of the theme music from the original game, reworked for the Steam version.
    Please use this music in our game, not the original.


    Pocket Squirm Crack + With Serial Key Download [March-2022]

    – 4 Easy-Game modes – 20 Game stages per difficulty (Easy / Hard) – 3 Extra levels for the hard modeJust 2d graphics.

    Watch this video and get an idea of what to expect from Pocket Squirm.Follow Crackers’ journey through the tower, as you bounce, slide and flip your way up and over each obstacle.Only in Pocket Squirm!

    This port was created for the Pocket Squirm PS4 / Vita Beta!Pocket Squirm PS4 / Vita Beta can be found here – is the ‘coming soon’ version.If you have a PS4 or Vita, please message me and I will update the download link!

    Download Links (Windows): – PS4 – – Vita –

    Download Links (Mac): – Mac App Store – can also download the Pocket Squirm PS4 / Vita Beta here –

    If you own any of the previous versions of Pocket Squirm (even beta versions), then you can update your version in your game’s properties > Data and transfer the update from your old version (that you bought) to your new version (the Beta).The files are’system files’, so you do not have to worry about corrupting your existing game.

    This mini-game was created by the talented guys over at Pixel Story – Thank you for your awesome game!

    Approved for both PS3 and PS4, meaning you can play it on your PS4 or your Vita!

    This is just a way to give back to the fantastic Pixel Story, as they are one of the very few indie devs who have helped me and give me a chance to finally release my PS3 versions.

    I will however keep working on more PS3 versions of my games, as I always do.

    The game is compatible with the PS3 and PS4, meaning if you have a PS4, then you can play on your PS4.If you have a PS3, then you can play it on your PS3.To play on your PS3, you will need the ‘PS3-version’ of the game (which


    What’s new:


    Characteristics of Pocket Squirm

    • Code Name:
    • Gachapon
    • Size:
    • 12 MB
    • Requirements:
    • Minimum:
    • Operating system:
    • XP-Vista-Win7
    • Required & Free Space:
    • 1948 MB
    • Language:
    • All Major Languages
    • Game Languages:
    • All Major Languages
    • User Interface:
    • All Major Languages
    • Last updated:
    • On March 15, 2008
    • Difficulty Level:
    • All Major Levels

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